Sunday, January 24, 2016

Certifications, Red Shoe Run and WOW! Just WOW.

     Hey BamagirlRUNS....what's been going on with you??

So last week was a VERY interesting week for me. 

A few things happened.
1.  I started teaching a Women on Weights (WOW) class at my YMCA. After 1.5 classes, I have already figured out exactly WHY I'm supposed to be working with these women. I cannot even imagine
how much I will take away from these women after 10 sessions.   I was scared to death to teach this class and now I'm totally at ease. Funny how things work like this.

2.  I have completed The Red Shoe Run. 
Gosh!! I'm super proud to say that I've had a hand in this one. (more to come on this race...SOON, I Promise!)

3.  Last Thursday, I was Silver Sneaker Certified! What??
Never in one million years did I think that I would ever want to teach that class. I love working with Seniors, but wow. just wow. I'm actually nervous now.

When I get nervous, I get motivated and know that I'm nervous for a reason. My mind/body/spirit says one thing but my heart says another......ALWAYS trust your heart. :)))

I know that I'm going to LOVE this class. I just don't know why it's taken me so long to get the nerve up to teach it. 

This is me working out for about 8 hours behind a chair, in a chair,  on the side of a chair.
Silver Sneakers....I'm ready for you!!

  I had an AMAZING meeting this week that I'm chomping at the bit to share my news but can't just yet!! Fun running adventures are in my near future and I'm so so sooooo excited! 

Until then, 
Happy Running, Happy Running Adventures and Happy WOW! :) 

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