Friday, November 6, 2015

Grand Opening of The Executive Health Club By 24e. #TheExecutiveHealthClub

     Last night I had the honor of attending the Grand Opening of The Executive Health Club By 24e on behalf of Bmetro magazine. Located in the financial district inside The Harbert Center in downtown Birmingham, Alabama, this facility is GORGEOUS!! Being a fitness junkie, I was so excited to be a part of this night! 

      The BMetro magazine team was on hand to answer any questions for attendees and guests regarding #TheExecutiveHealthClub. We spoke with trainers, new members, the owner and managers. With state of the art equipment, 24-hour access, a large variety of classes and programs and elegant amenities, this gym has something for everyone!

The Scoop on The Executive Health Club By 24e:


24e knows that the community is what has been, and will always be the key to making its endeavors successful in the areas it serves.  Because of that, 24e is active in participating in location charities, sponsoring youth sports, and being active members of the chamber of commerce.


24e knows a health body won’t do any good if we don’t have somewhere to live, and because of that, 24e does its part in helping keep our environment sustainable. 


Rubber floors that come from recycled tires, low-VOC stained existing concrete, and ceramic floors that are low-VOC and made of recycled materials


Utilizing less energy while keeping you comfortable


By utilizing our hand dryers we save trees and save on waste products


Uses less electricity and creates less heat, while providing bright, inviting facilities for our members to enjoy!


     By equipping our clubs with previously owned equipment, we reduce thousands of pounds of waste into local landfills.  24e professionally remanufactures the equipment by stripping it to the frames, and restoring it back to its original form with new wear and tear items, paint and padding, giving the equipment the look and feel of that which is brand new, all while reducing the impact new equipment would have on the environment."
I spoke with the owner, Wayne Alford and my first question was....
      "So this is going to be a busy location for you guys...tell me about the 24 hour access."  He responded by telling me that "the clients and members absolutely take advantage of this amenity. It's important to provide convenience and work around their schedules."
I decided to take a little tour of the facility and check out some of the rooms and programs.
     First stop. The treadmills!!!!! Aaaahhhhh I'm in heaven!! I'm a treadmill runner so these brand new Cybex treadmills had me drooling.  They are located on the second floor as soon as you top a beautiful spiral staircase. There are selectorized machines and other cardio equipment located in this same area. 

     I also spoke with Alicia Neely, Group Fitness Director, about the classes that are offered. 
"We are an upscale gym and offer RPM and Les Mills classes such as Body Pump, Body Attack, Body Combat, Grit. TRX is one of our most popular classes and 24x is our version of Crossfit. We have everything that a small, intimate studio has to offer such as Yoga, Barre and Body Flow but on a much grander scale. Our classes will be personal, engaging and geared towards keeping our members motivated."

So of course I had to go try them all!!

     Yoga.....umm, I need a little help with this one. Flexibility is not my thing but I've taken a few BodyFlow classes lately so I'm definitely a work in progress. :)))

Les Mills Grit! Ggggggrrrrrr....this brings out the tough girl in me. Yeah!!

I looked around in the free weight area. There was a personal training sesh going on so I played it cool while these guys were pumping it up! 

     Here I found my favorite machine! The Row machine.....I absolutely love this machine and could stay on it for hours. Some days I do. ;) 

I haven't ever tried a TRX class before. I'm a little sad by this so that's going to be a new goal for me. Let the TRX training begin SOON!!!!

     Okay okay so this next picture was TOTALLY STAGED. I don't always hot roll my hair and pose on the stair climber was the Grand Opening so I just had to do it tonight! I do like this machine so I felt like this was the perfect place to get my glamour pose on! 

 The group exercise room with a Body Pump class happening! 

I tried out the RPM machines...I was pedaling so fast that my legs were blurry. ;) This is a killer workout for my legs and a great alternative to running for me. 

     Here's where this gym sold me. Let's talk Laundry service. Whaaaaaaaaat?!?!? Not only do they have fresh clean towels but they provide a laundry service for the members as well. Members can drop their workout clothes and pick them up on their return visit. This is PERFECT for the members that work in the building and workout on their lunch hours. Heck, it's perfect for ANYONE!!! I love this service. Hands down, I would join this gym for this reason alone!!!! 

     Next I found a quiet little spot to gather my thoughts and add a little steaminess to my life. The steam room was totally relaxing. There are tanning beds and a kid zone in this facility also!

     The awesome staff walked the red carpet welcoming guests and attendees to this awesome grand opening. I enjoyed meeting all of them and working with BMetro Magazine to help cover this event. I cannot wait to come back and workout at The Executive Health Club By 24e! Thank you all for a great night and great event! 

For more information on The Executive Health Club By 24e please visit

Disclaimer: I was invited to this sponsored press event by BMetro Magazine in exchange for coverage on my Blog, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. 

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