Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Total Weirdness and Good Hair Days. #OperationMissionThankful

     Today may go down as one of my weirdest days in the history of weirdest days.  It started out with me laying in the bed this morning and snuggling up with my puppies for the longest time. I heard my hubs in the the kitchen cleaning up and fussing the kids off to school so I had a little bit of extra time to just lay there. I'm a super slow mover when I first wake up and truth time....I don't like to talk to anyone for the first couple of hours that I'm awake. I'm soooooo NOT a morning person. Thanks hubs! I needed to just have a late morning.

     Once I got up, I got up with a mission. I got ready for work, was going to be on time AND was having a great hair day. That NEVER are now entering my weird zone.

     I get to work. I'm not on the schedule for the day. whaaaaatttt???? I'm off work for the entire day??? Ok. Big time bummer that I drove all the way there, hurried to get there, fought the 8am Birmingham traffic but OKAY. This day is not lost. It was going to be a gorgeous day and I knew exactly what I was about to go do....RUN.

     I had been texting with one of my gal pals for days trying to figure out when we were going to get our run in this week. Our schedules just were NOT MESHING. I called her up, and BAM!! Just like that, we were now about to get our run on. 

     Bye Bye Good Hair Day...This Mop of a Do is going up in a ponytail and I don't feel bad for wasting you away!

Yay us!

     We got a great 5 miler in. We chatted and then went for coffee afterwards. I feel so bad sometimes for not being a good friend. Lots of my girlfriends are in training for runDisney's Princess Half Marathon and I feel like I've dropped the ball on helping with their training.  Today is not that day. I'm in total #FriendZone.  Seriously, this is turning into a great day. 

     After my run, I went home and checked through my zillions of emails, scratched through a few things on my to-do list. Forgot to go to the bank. Oh well. I'll do that tomorrow.

     By now, it's late afternoon and I've got to head back to work for the evening. I'm teaching a Group Women On Weights Class and I gotta get there! This is a small group Personal Training kind of thing and I'm adding a new friend tonight.

     I get to the gym. We have a great class. I worked their butts off. We were a hot sweaty mess.  Life is good and they seemed Happy.

     ........And then it happened.

     I take the new friend into my Personal Training office and we discuss all kinds of goals, exercises and plans.  For the sake of confidentiality I can't go into any details about our discussions. However, I can tell you that I cried with this girl and I laughed with this girl. She didn't even have to say a word. It was written on her face and I knew at that moment that she was placed into my life and mine into hers for a reason.  Good gracious gosh. There are just some days when I love my job waaaaaay more than I could EVER put into words.  I have complained for years that I have a Social Psychology degree and don't use it. That couldn't be further from the truth. Working in the fitness industry with a Social Psych degree couldn't be a more perfect combo. 

     I expected to be silly today. I expected to get a workout in today. I expected to work today. I work everyday and I work all day long. In fact, I never quit working. I expect to work all day long. Heck. I'll expect to work all day long tomorrow. I love working.

     But what I didn't expect was that when I woke up feeling like I was waking up on a mission, I REALLY was waking up on a mission. I don't get very spiritual on social media EVER (I save all that for my private life) but I will tell you that I do believe in prayer and I do believe that missions can be found right in your own backyard.  I know that I'm not here to save the world but I do believe that I am placed right where I need to be for certain people. For that, I am SO Thankful for my less-than-glamorous paying job. I love it and I cannot put a price tag on that nor do I ever care to. 

     Tomorrow, I may not be on a mission and that's OKAY too.  Not everyday is like that. BUT.....not everyday is a good hair day either ya know??

     I just know that when these moments happen, you know. You just know.

Again, this was just the weirdest day. In a totally good weird kind of way.

     This week, I prayed that my week, my attitude and mindset be totally turned around and I couldn't be more thankful that my prayers were definitely answered. :)

I hope you ALL have a great rest of the week!

Happy Running, Happy Good Hair Days and Happy Missions. :)))

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