Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My Protein Milkshake Bar Review

Welcome to my Protein Milkshake Bar Review!
     In my never-ending quest to find the perfect protein shake, today I tested out Protein Milkshake.  As with every other protein shake that I try, I am most interested in the Vanilla or Chocolate-y type flavors and like to mix my protein powders with straight up Vitamin D whole milk. That's what my kids drink. That's what I drink.

     The mission statement of this company?!? "We Fuel Women Who Change The World".  So far, I'm liking this.

     Please try not to be jealous of my glamorous-morning-roll-out-of-the-bed-as-I-drink-my-protein-shake-look. I know it's hard. ;) 

     I was able to choose which flavor from the Protein Milkshake Bar that I wanted to try so I chose Ice Cream Sandwich flavor, a mix of both flavors that I like. Sounded yummy to me. 

     However, I received a one-scoop sample of Cream Puff Flavor in the mail from the company. Ummm okay. I'll still try it but why let me choose if you're just going to send me what you want me to try?? As with anything, I am ALWAYS very thankful for any gift that I receive, just thought it was just a little strange. That's all. 

A little bit of info about Protein Milkshake: 
Rich in leucine, our whey protein can aid in efficiency burning fat, increasing your metabolism, reducing hunger cravings and aid nourishing your body with all 8 essential amino acids. 
Nutritional Label on the back of the sample. 
     Overall, I really liked the Cream Puff flavor Protein Milkshake and would recommend it to my running friends. It was not chalky-tasting AT ALL and it really did taste like a milkshake! I'm also a total fan of 3g of carbs and 110 calories. I'm sure mixing it with whole milk added a few more calories but I'm okay with that....I'm a fan of whole milk. My runner bones need the Vitamin D. 

     I don't like the fact that I can only order it from Amazon...not that I don't like being an online shopper, I just like instant gratification too. I'm still old-school and like to go to the store sometimes to make a purchase. However, that would not prevent me from ordering this product.  I would like to try other flavors in the future...preferably the Ice Cream Sandwich. :) 

For more information on how to order your favorite dessert flavor, please visit

Disclaimer: I received a sample of Protein Milkshake Bar in exchange for my honest product review. 

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