Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Year of the Funky Pants..but first, lemme go RUN. #BamagirlrunsFunkyPants

     After I wrote my New Year's Day post yesterday, I was in a bit of a blah blah kind of mood. Some days I just get like that.  One of my besties called me up and quickly we took off for a 6 mile run. I think I talked and vented for the entire six miles. I really needed that. It's amazing what a good run and long chat with a girlfiend can do for the soul. :)

 Side note:  I had a few people ask me after I posted this pic on Instagram where to get my Pink Paceband....go to if you wanna snag one up for your self! I wear mine all of the time! It's nice to be able to look down at your arm and see where you need to be in order to finish within a certain time without having to do the mental math while running.  They are available in all distances, lots of colors and are fairly inexpensive. Check it out!

     I have failed miserably at the whole Facebook thing. Well sort of. I didn't delete my account and I have posted pics from an Alabama Basketball game and my run this morning...BUT I have not camped out all day on the newsfeed looking at other folks' shenanigans. That's really the goal. QUIT looking at the newsfeed all day. I'll keep working on this. 

     Another thing that I have failed miserably at is the whole concept of saving the "run" portion of my Virtual Ironman Challenge for last. I ran 6 miles yesterday and ran a few trail miles this morning at Resolution Run. Oh well, tomorrow is another day afterall. I'm heading to the gym after church to swim and bike for a few hours. I still can't even believe that those words are coming out of my mouth. 

     I'm going to try to get only one more run in this week between now and Wednesday. I need to rest my legs but's just so hard not to run!!! :/

Resolution Run at Red Mountain Park
     For Christmas, my hubs and fam bought me these awesome new Nike red running pants! I couldn't wait to wear them today for my run AND it was totally cold enough for long leggings.  I have been a little self conscious about wearing them but after buying a pair of long leggings to wear to Magic City Half....I like them and I'm over the whole self-conscious thing.  I think I have decided that this will be the year of funky pants for me. I'm in a funky mood, so funky pants it is! Gimme all the colors! #BamagirlrunsFunkyPants

Running with friends and new Funky Pants is always FUN!!
     To my surprise, when I got home this afternoon...I had received a "Welcome to the Tribe" package from Dona Jo Fitwear, The "Afterglow" leggings in the mail!! I absolutely LOVE these and am packing them up in my suitcase tomorrow to take to Walt Disney World Resort with me!! I'm thinking that it's going to be warm in Orlando but I can probably wear them for the 5K. They are super cute, super bright, super fun and super comfy!! Stay tuned for a review.....

     I'll be spending the rest of this night and tomorrow night packing up for my trip! The countdown is ON...just a little over 4 days until I begin the first leg of Dopey Challenge!! aaaaaaahhhhhh!! I think I'll just bring #AllTheClothes. I'm awful at making decisions on what to wear!!!! I'll get it together though. I always do. ;)

Happy Running, Happy Swimming, Happy Biking, Happy Packing and Happy Funky Pants!!

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