Thursday, May 28, 2015

RunDisney: Dopey Challenge Training Plan....Here I Go Again!

I know that I say this every year but seriously. I CANNOT BELIEVE that I'm about to begin training again for Walt Disney World's Dopey Challenge. 

For those who don't know, 2016 will be my third year to run this 48.6 mile challenge. I can't get enough!! The bling is just ridiculous, the self reward is fabulous and the race memories that I create get me all teary-eyed if I think about it for too long. 

Also known as Marathon Weekend....this is one of my favorite weekends of the entire year. Falling on the 2nd weekend in January, it's the perfect way to start off any new year. Talk about kicking off those New Years Resolutions...if Dopey Challenge doesn't do it for ya, nothing will! 

This race takes place over the course of four days....5k, 10k, Half Marathon and finishing with a Full Marathon on the last day. 48.6 miles total. Wake up calls are at 2am every morning. Vacation is in full swing and the friends that I see while at the parks?!?! Good grief. It's more fun than I can handle. My social media is outta control that week and I love EVERY SINGLE MAGICAL MINUTE OF IT. 

So here we go. June 1st is when I will begin. 

I do not slack on my training. 

I hear lots of chatter about how you don't need to "really train" for Disney races. That is sooooooo not the case. Respect the distance. Respect the course. Respect the Heat. Don't be a dummy...48.6 miles is no joke. 

I train hard and play harder. :)))

I've used a combination of a couple of different training plans and have also tweaked to fit my schedule. Nothing is set in stone and I'll mix it up when I need to. After all, I'm a busy Mom with three kids........Real life is not set to ANY schedule. 

Some weeks, I will run three days and some weeks, I will run four and some weeks 5. Eek!! Long runs will either be on Saturday or Sunday (depending on weather and if I have another race scheduled)

June 1
3 miles
2 miles 
3 miles 
4 miles

June 8
3 miles
2 miles
3 miles

June 15
3.5 miles
2 miles 
3.5 miles
5 miles

June 22
3.5 miles 
2 miles 
3.5 miles
5 miles

June 29
4 miles 
2 miles
4 miles 
Peavine Falls 8.2k

July 6
4 miles 
2 miles 
4 miles 
5k race

July 13
4.5 miles
3 miles 
4.5 miles
7 miles

July 20
4.5 miles 
3 miles
4.5 miles
8 miles

July 27
5 miles
3 miles
5 miles
10k race

August 3
5 miles
3 miles 
5 miles 
9 miles

August 10
5 miles 
3 miles 
5 miles
9 miles

August 17
4 miles
3 miles 
2 miles
13.1 miles

August 24
4.5 miles 
4.5 miles
3 miles 

August 31
4.5 miles 
4.5 miles
4 miles 
9 miles

September 7
4.5 miles 
4.5 miles 
3 miles 

September 14
4.5 miles
4.5 miles
5.5 miles
15 miles

September 21
4.5 miles
4.5 miles
3 miles

September 28
4.5 miles 
4.5 miles
6.2 miles

October 5 
4.5 miles
4.5 miles
8.5 miles 
20 miles 

October 12
4.5 miles 
4.5 miles 
6 miles

October 19 
4.5 miles
4.5 miles
7 miles

October 26
4.5 miles
4.5 miles 
4 miles
10 miles 
23 miles

November 2
4.5 miles
4.5 miles
Rock n' Roll Savannah 13.1
RunDisney Wine n' Dine 13.1

November 9
4.5 miles
4.5 miles
6 miles

November 16
4.5 miles
4.5 miles 
4 miles
Magic City Half Birmingham 13.1
23 miles

November 23
4.5 miles 
4.5 miles 
6 miles 

November 30
4.5 miles 
4.5 miles 
8 miles 

December 7 
4.5 miles 
4.5 miles 
5 miles 
12 miles 
Rocket City Marathon 26.2 Huntsville, Al. 

December 14 
4.5 miles 
4.5 miles 
6 miles 

December 21
4.5 miles 
4.5 miles
5 miles
12 miles
26 miles 

December 28 
4.5 miles
4.5 miles
7 miles 

January 4
4.5 miles
3.1 miles
6.2 miles 
13.1 miles
26.2 miles

I'm ready to get started with my training, ready to run long miles with my friends and ready to earn 48.6  miles worth of magical bling! 

Happy running and see you at the castle! 

To learn more about Dopey Challenge and other runDisney events, please visit

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mothers Day 2015. #Sigh

Mother's Day 2015.

Mother's Day. 2015.

I would be LYING if I said that Mother's Day is my favorite day of the year. It's just not.

There are SO many expectations associated with this holiday that I've lost all sight some years of what's really important. I get so caught up in all of the gift buying, dinners, cards etc. that some years I just want a BREAK from it!! I don't know why but I always seem just "mad" on this holiday. I don't deal well with pressure. I hate putting pressure on my kiddos to buy me gifts. Hate it. 

I don't give gifts good and I'm not a good gift receiver.

But hey, Let's face it. I'm BEYOND blessed that I have daughters, a son, Moms, a sister, sister-in-laws, Aunts, grandmothers and great grandmothers all here with me. And trust me, we celebrate the heck out of Mother's Day. That's just it. I'm BLESSED.

Dangit. I take Mother's Day for granted. I take my kids for granted. I take my family for granted. Dangit. Dangit. 

It's not about the gifts...I don't want gifts.

This year was a HUGE eye-opener for me. There have been some pretty stressful days at my house lately and I have cried the ugly cry all day. I realized at 4:13pm to be exact, what was really important to me. I realized that being a Mom is everything. Just everything. I realized that there are so many things that I don't do right. And then I realized that there are so many things that I do better than right. That's right...I'm bragging on my cool Mom self and I'm beating myself up at the same time. ugh.

Yuck. I hate days like this. #RealityCheck

Regardless, my kids are absolutely beautiful to me. They represent every good side of me and I can't even begin to describe that emotion. I just don't even deserve that.

I sat and watched each one of them today for hours. Hours.

I french-braided hair. I helped one get an outfit together for school tomorrow. I helped one get ready for a concert tomorrow night. I helped one brush off the nerves for volleyball tryouts. I helped one fill out some school paperwork. I helped one download some stupid music that I probably shouldn't have. But hey, it's great workout rap music so we went with it. I watched. And watched. And watched. 

Little things. But all so important to them. And to me.

I cried all morning in Church. I look like hell in this picture above. I won't edit it though. I want to remember this day forever. Ugly cry, mascara running down my face and all. 

I need to look at this to remind me of how much love is there for them. There's just so much. EVERYTHING that I do is for them. I mean EVERYTHING. 

I made a promise to myself that Mother's Day 2016 will be so different and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. No regrets. No dreading this day next year. No ugly cries.

Crazy post tonight....sometimes I just go there.

Happy Mother's Day :)

Friday, May 8, 2015

Klo's Backyard Bootcamp

KLo's Backyard Bootcamp
     Every once in a while, I have a little idea pop into my brain and I just gotta go with it. Introducing KLo's Backyard Bootcamp! By the way, KLo is my nickname from the people who totally "get" my silly self. 

     I was literally sitting on my recliner one night (my nighttime spot) and was texting back and forth with a friend about working out, gym memberships and different things like that. I thought, heck...she should just come over and I'd work out with her. 

     My little dream was born.

     I decided to have a few of my friends come over and we would get a good sweat on. I wanted to keep it simple. I wanted it to be good though. 

     One thing led to another and one friend invited another friend and the next thing I know, I've got 9 of us in my backyard kicking bootcamp butt!

     I have been studying. I've been watching tons of videos. I've been shopping for different workout toys. I'm a total nerd when it comes to things like this. But again. I want it to be good. I stressed for days about which exercises needed to go together. I got out in my yard and did this class several times before I would let anyone come over. What works. What doesn't work. I love it.

     My friends know that I'm a total goof so we have ALOT of fun with it. We make fun of each other. We encourage each other. We get a tough workout in and we have a blast.

What are we doing??
Here's a brief rundown of what's on our itinerary. Keep in mind...these exercises will change with each class. I've tried to combine a perfect mix of Strength Training, Crossfit, Insanity and Bootcamp.

Warm Up:
  • Jog in place
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Standing Knee lifts 
  • Squats
  • Plank
We repeat that warm up.

Next we move into Hill Sprints and then cool down.

We are right back into Mountain Climbers, Pushups and Squat Jacks.

Stations are next. 
  • Kettlebell Swings
  • Pushups
  • Anyway you want them-Situps
  • Squat/Bicep Curls
  • Burpees
  • Squat/Bicep Push Press
  • Jump Rope 
In my yard, I have three different levels of cross ties. We go there for box jumps and tricep dips. OUCH.

We are on the mats next for lots of ab/core work and then we cool down.

I'm LOVING my little Backyard Bootcamp class. The sun hits us when we start and goes down by the time it's over. I've downloaded a ton of crazy music and we get down with the get down!

     I just want to encourage everyone to get out there and do something that they would not normally do. Whether it's go to a class or decide to host one in your backyard...or whatever you want to do!!

     I'm usually kinda scared to step out and try new things like this but I really cannot say enough how much I'm enjoying my class. And what did I just say?? #MyClass. Seriously. I love it.

     I told them all last Thursday night that "we are the little bootcamp class that could". We are going to be so strong by the end of the summer. I have high hopes for my class and I just know that it's only going to get better from here!

Happy Running and Happy Dreaming up new dreams! ;)

Enduropacks: A Team of Vitamins!

Welcome to my EnduroPacks Review!
    Way before I became a runner, I have ALWAYS been a fangirl of taking my vitamins. I must admit that I take a Women's Multi-vitamin one-a-day and after I found out about how Glucosamine affects your joints and pains, I have been taking that as well for years. I broke my knee cap in college so that knee just gives me fits!

     Last month, I tried out EnduroPacks Multi Vitamins and talk about WOW. I feel fantastic!!! I tried the multivitamin, Glutamine, Electrolyte Salt Spray and the Amino Acid Patch. I realize now that what I have been doing for years is OKAY but will not help me reach my full potential.

     I'm a sweaty mess after I work out and really like the Salt Spray.....I'm ALL ABOUT replacing my Sodium and Electrolytes!!

Hot Mess=Great Workouts.
     Seriously, I have a tremendous amount of energy, no knee issues running times and endurance levels have been fabulous!!

A little more info about EnduroPacks:

How to use your EnduroPack:
Instructions on how to effectively use EnduroPack

EnduroMulti Liquid Vitamin & Mineral
Wild Berry Flavor

1. Liquid Multivitamin:
One Tablespoon (preferably with a meal before your workout.)
EnduroPacks Electrolyte Salt Spray

2. Electrolyte Salt Spray
5-10 Sprays into your water bottle to hydrate during your workout.
EnduroPacks Essential Amino Acid Patch

3. Amino Acid Patch
Apply a patch immediately after your workout and leave it on for the rest of day.

4. Glutamine Recovery Complex
Take two capsules before going to sleep.

     My workouts have been awesome. Since January, I have included new Crossfit, Insanity, Strength Training, a few harder runs into my schedule and my last few long runs were great! I was thrilled with my last half marathon time. The time itself wasn't great but what was great was the fact that I had ran a super hard and hilly 15k the day before. And when I say hilly. I mean HILLLLLLLLLLLY. My legs were on fi-yah!!

     Sometimes a great "time" can be even better if it's a longer time depending on the course situation. Gotta keep all of that in perspective.

     Thank you Enduropacks...You are awesome.


Time on the left...Statue to Statue 15K in Birmingham, Al. (VERY HILLY)
Time on the right...Biggest Loser Half Marathon in Mobile, Al.
(flat course but my legs were killing me from the day before!)
One last thought:
     I really like how the Enduropack Vitamins compliment one another. It's kind of fun taking a team of vitamins. Taking something before I workout, while I workout and post workout keeps me focused on my health and very aware of my recovery.  It's also kind of fun to see how taking that team of vitamins really helps with my results!

     I will continue to take Enduropacks and am really glad that I was able to try the Salt Spray and Amino Acid patch. Those are two things that I would have probably never even thought to try!

     Try Enduropacks out for yourself for 30 days....I think you will be most impressed with your results. :)

     For more information on these Enduropacks, please visit

Disclaimer: I was provided a 30 Day supply of Enduropacks in exchange for my honest opinion. Honestly, they work!

Friday, May 1, 2015

My Puma IGNITE Review...I wanna be #ForeverFaster!

Welcome to my Puma Ignite Review!
I'm wearing the IGNITE Top and the Pure 3/4Running Tights.
When I was asked to write a review about the NEW line from Puma through response was HECK YEAH!! I currently own two other pair of Puma shoes and have a PUMA jacket that I have practically worn out. I love this product and was ever so excited!!

I am trying out the IGNITE Top, the Pure 3/4/ Running Tights and the new IGNITE Running Shoes. You remember that guy who is the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt?!? Yeah, he wears Puma IGNITES so I knew I would like them. :)

One day, I'm gonna be Usain Fast. Just watch. 

What's so great about PUMA IGNITE?
Energy Return:
Full length IGNITE FOAM midsole's PU blend offers high rebound cushioning.

Step-In Comfort:
IGNITE FOAM provides instant comfort where you need it most.

Long-Lasting Performance:
ForEverFoam is used in the heel to disperse impact and provide extra durability.

I took my Puma's to the gym. ;)
A Little More Information on Puma IGNITE Running Shoe:
The PUMA IGNITE is our most responsive running shoe ever, and is worn by Usain Bolt, the world's fastest man. IGNITE features a superior cushioning material that disperses impact forces while providing optimal responsiveness and energy return to make you faster. Our unique PU foam formula offers high rebound and ultimate comfort where you need it the most. ForEverFoam is integrated in the heel to provide durability for long-lasting performance. The shoe's minimal upper design offers lightweight flexibility and an incredibly comfortable fit.
  • Flexible AirMesh upper with seamless overlays
  • Soft, ultra-thin suede tongue for more comfort
  • Moulded EVA sockliner hugs the arch
  • IGNITE Foam midsole for high-rebound cushioning.
  • Chevron flex grooves for increased energy return
  • ForEverFoam at heel for optimal durability
  • Flexibility through forefoot flex grooves
  • Transition Line mimics the natural gait pattern
  • Smoother toe-off for a fluid ride
  • EverTrack for durability in high-wear areas
  • Weight: 8 ounces (size 7)

Lets go for a test run!
     So I took my new kicks to the gym and out for a test run. I really liked them. Now let me just say that I only ran in them for 3 miles and they were perfect for that distance. I'm interested to see how they will be in longer distances. My feet are accustomed to lots of cush and from everything that I've read regarding the Puma IGNITE technology, these shoes should be able to compare quite nicely. However, I ordered them just a little bit too big so they are going to be shoes that I wear to the gym regularly.

Took my outfit to the gym.
3/4 Running Tights
A Little More Information on Puma IGNITE 3/4 Tights:
These 3/4 tights from PUMA Running are engineered for efficiency and will complement your training and running sessions with their functional features. Highly functional materials draw sweat away from your skin while anatomically placed air-flow features offer you superior temperature regulation to keep you cool and dry during exercise.
  • Keep your cool with coolCELL.
  • Mesh inserts for improved air circulation.
  • Bio-based wicking finish to keep you dry.
  • CLEANSPORT NXT finish for odour control.
  • Flatlock stitching for less friction.
  • Articulated knees for improved flexibility.
  • Elasticated waistband with drawcord.
  • Zip pocket with laminated waterproof lining.
  • Reflective items for enhanced visibility.
  • Lightweight, durable and elasticated material mix.

My clothes are a soaking sopping wet mess from the gym!
Let's see how quickly they dry. 
A Little More Information on Puma IGNITE Top:
With this lightweight running shirt from PUMA, you can rely on optimum comfort. Highly functional materials draw sweat away from your skin while anatomically placed air-flow features offer you superior temperature regulation to keep you cool and dry during exercise.
  • Keep your cool with coolCELL.
  • Jacquard back panel for improved air circulation.
  • CLEANSPORT NXT finish for odour control.
  • Bio-based wicking finish to keep you dry.
  • Raglan sleeves for freedom of movement.
  • Reflective items for enhanced visibility.
  • Soft and smooth polyester interlock fabric.     
The Results Are In!
    Okay. This is the real test for me. I took my outfit to the gym to get in a workout. There are two things that drive me really nuts when it comes to workout clothes....1. Shirts ride up. 2. My clothes stay wet for a really long time.

     I enjoyed wearing the top to the gym. No riding up. I absolutely LOVED the nice slim fit cut of the shirt. It was really figure flattering and I appreciate that! Thanks Puma!

     As far as the wicking material...I left the gym a soaking sopping wet mess (gross, I know) and drove for about 15 minutes to go pick up a friend for lunch. By the time I arrived at my destination, my clothes were nearly dry and I was able to go inside the restaurant in my workout clothes. Score! Again, it's the little things....Thanks Puma!

Puma Ignite Deep Blue-Team Italia Navy-FLUO Peach.

Puma Ignite Black-Puma Silver
So there you have it. I'm a total fangirl of everything Puma. I loved the running shoes in Deep Blue-Team Italia Navy-FLUO Peach so much that I've gotten another pair in Black-Puma Silver already. I would have never thought to order black workout shoes, but I really do like them!

There are a couple of other colors in the IGNITE Tops that will be hanging in my workout closet soon as well. ;)

Please visit,  and follow the hashtag, #ForeverFaster, on social media to see how to order your own Puma IGNITE shoes and clothing!

Happy Running #ForeverFaster!

Disclaimer: I received the Puma IGNITE Running Shoes, Puma IGNITE Top and Puma IGNITE 3/4 Running Tights through a Fitfluential Campaign in exchange for my honest review and honestly, I love them and will be ordering more!

Friday, April 24, 2015

20 Running Facts That You May or May Not Know About Me. #YouOrderChineseFood

20 Facts Selfie. Yo.
I am constantly being tagged in the photos on Instagram like...."post 20 random facts about yourself", or "tag 20 beautiful women" get the idea.

I've never replied back with my 20.

I feel kinda silly to list out 20 things on Instagram and honestly, I don't even know if I could list out 20 things about myself that are not running related.

So.....of course, my brain just started thinking about it and I decided to list out 20 RANDOM and I mean RANDOM facts about me. Most are running related but I threw in a few just because they are things that make you go hmmmm. #SeeWhatIDidThere

Sit back, Grab a cup of coffee and please let me entertain you for a just a few moments. ;)

1. I run runDisney events. Duhhhhhhh. Not only do I run lots of these events but I occasionally receive a little grief from people saying that it's just Disney, these are not real races. Nope. Respect the Distance, people! I will have runDisney's back any day of the week. Period. The End. 48.6 Miles is a real race, I don't care how ya look at it!

2. I listen to music 24/7. It drives my family and kids crazy but it's how I let my mind go. But yet, I sing and get the words all mixed up and that drives them even crazier!

3.  My hair is too thick for cute little elastic headbands. I'm totally jealous when I see girls with a cute ponytail and no fly-aways. I go running down the road with my headbands poppin' off the back of my head. Not cute.

4.  My favorite low-rise running socks are Balega. No blisters, lots of cush and not alot of logo.
I do not own enough compression socks. I currently own one pair. What is my problem??

5. I always wear sunglasses when I run. My eyeballs can't handle the sun and wind! Plus...they hide my old-lady wrinkles. Just sayin'.

6.  My number one dream race is New York City Marathon.

7.  I have been working out a ton and have lost 8 pounds...I am now needing smaller running clothes. It's a good problem and my little shoulder muscles are cute but dannnnnnng, I can't afford new clothes. #BringOnTheProteinShakes

8.  My personality doesn't match "Pink" but "Pink" is one of my favorite colors to wear when I run.

9.  Speaking of wearing running clothes, I never wear race shirts to other races. That's like wearing Universal Studios character clothing to Walt Disney World Resort or wearing a Halloween shirt on Christmas Day. I just can't go there!

10.  I own a ton of running gadgets. And use them all.

11.  I'm a photo hoarder and can't delete. My phone is always full and I hate the phrase "Cannot Take A Photo". It makes being a #SelfieQueen kinda challenging.

12.  I drink the most water during my day right before I go to bed at night and have trained my bladder to hold it. Rarely do I have to stop during a race. #HorseBladder #TmiIKnow

13.  I own every bib from every race that I've ever ran with the date, location and my time written on the back. #Nerd

14.  I track all of my mileage. I try to Instagram each run but if I don't, I write it down. My calendar is a hot mess of miles logged.

15.  Was asked the other day..."Do you think in 10 years that you will still be running?" My answer? "I will be running more."

16.  If I could run a 5K race every weekend, I would. I love Saturday morning race days. Nothing better than seeing all of my friends and getting in a good run. Those are my favorite ways to kick off the weekend.

17. I answer the phone to my kiddos like they have just placed a Chinese food order. I have NO IDEA why we started that but they are like..."No Mom, we didn't order egg rolls." LOL.

18.  I'm on Blood Pressure Medication and sometimes need my inhaler when I run. Big Time Bummer.
My Cardiologist was not amused in the ER when I came in wearing a Marathon shirt.

19.  I drink a HOT cup of coffee before I run and after (even if it's 100 degrees outside). I freeze after I quit running.

20.  I'm a gypsy at heart and am always dreaming of running somewhere far far away.  One day, I'm going to cross off my Bucket List Races. It's going to take me a little while to do it but it WILL Happen!

21. Just Because I said I would list out 20. I'm stubborn and like to do my own thing! ;)

That was fun and not so painful....I'm SURE that I could think of 20 more Random facts if I sat here for a few more minutes because I just opened up my fridge and thought, "well that's just lovely. I didn't even talk about guacamole and banana bread on the list."

Happy Running and Happy Reading my Nonsense! :)))

Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek: An Elegant Paradise For This Princess

Welcome to my Elegant Disney's Princess Half Marathon
Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek Review!
     I had the pleasure of staying at Hilton Bonnet Creek Resort during Disney's Princess Half Marathon Weekend and if I could use one word to sum up the weekend, it would be "ELEGANCE".

     Why "Elegance"?? I chose that word because from the moment that I walked into the resort to the moment that I had my Princess Half Marathon Medal draped around my neck, I was emmersed in "Elegance".  Everything about this Resort and Race is sparkly, pretty and all about channeling your inner Princess.

     Now over the course of my 42 year life span, I have visited Walt Disney World Resort more times than one should probably admit to. I know, I know. Most people don't come anywhere close to understanding this part of my life. And guess what?? That is OKAY by me. I'm a repeat offender.....check out my stay and more photos of pre-race festivities during runDisney's Wine and Dine Half Marathon here.

     However, there are many people who do understand why I keep returning to "my happy place" as most Disney-loving people like to call it but I would be willing to bet that those same people don't use the words "Disney" and "Elegance" in the same sentence.

     To most, a Walt Disney World Resort Vacation (or Run-cation in this case), will require a vacation from your vacation when you return home. To some degree, this is the truth. There is A LOT to see and do. There are many parks, restaurants, attractions and races to run!! Whew!! I'm tired just typing this. I'm super guilty, I try to pack in so much over such a small amount of time. But again, let me state the word that I chose. "Elegance". There is a valid reason.
Welcome to Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek!

     I have stayed on property at Walt Disney World Resort many many many times in conjunction with runDisney event weekends. I have always felt like that I'm always trying to navigate my way around. Always trying to figure things out. Where do I go? What time does the Expo open? What are the race procedures?? The races are popular, huge and overwhelming at times. So many things to do and figure out. So many people. So much hustle and bustle.

     The VERY LAST thing that I want to be worried about when I'm visiting Walt Disney World Resort during race weekend is the hustle and bustle. When I'm ready to unwind, I'm ready to unwind!! It's hard for me to unwind anyways.....I'm just not geared that way. For years, I would stress myself out over EVERYTHING when it came to runDisney run-cations.
Ready to have some fun with my running pal at Hilton Bonnet Creek Marathon Weekends!!
     Fast forward to February 2015. There's a new me and the new me is not stressed out. Thank you very much Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek and Runner's Resort Guide.  Everything that I need to know and do is right at my fingertips upon check-in. :)

If I can't figure out the answers, there is a Runner's Concierge on hand to answer all of my questions.  Located in the Hilton Lobby, the Runner's Concierge is dedicated to making your race weekend run smoothly. The Runner's Concierge can help you with:

  • Marathon Bus Transportation Sign-up:
  • Disney Expo Information
  • Race Information
  • Hotel Information
  • Running Supplies
I have actually found that relaxing during race weekend is a good thing. I am letting other people handle the details. I am sitting back and taking it all in. And believe it or not, I am having the time of my life during the race because I'm just relaxed going into it.
This girl is ready for fun #MarathonWeekends!
   Besides....WHO could be stressed out when you are sleeping on these comfy beds before a race??

....And WHO could be stressed with a room with THIS view!! Aaaaahhhhhh!!! So Beautiful!
The view from my room.
Large Bathrooms...check!
Several Princesses could adjust their tiaras in here. 
Relax in the Lazy River!
A Royal Photoshoot with my bling quickly followed by a dip in the pool. :)
A little more information about #MarathonWeekends at Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek and Waldorf Astoria Orlando:

Marathon Transportation:
Special complimentary bus transportation is provided for the runDisney events. Pre-race celebration followed by loading the buses and then one BIG send-off to get the party started! (Bus sign-up is required).  Please see the Runners' Concierge to reserve your spot on the bus!

Return transportation post event will depart every 30 minutes from event location.

See the Runner's Resort Guide for information on Specatator Transportation as well. 

Get Fueled Race Day Morning!
Before the race, enjoy complimentary items in the Convention Center entrance foyer, adjacent to Zeta Bar.
  • Freshly Brewed Coffee
  • An Assortment of teas
  • Water
  • Energy Bars
  • Muffins
  • Bananas
  • Oatmeal
  • Granola Bars
  • Plain and Multi-Grain Bagels
  • An Assortment of cream cheese, peanut butter and jelly condiments
Relax and Unwind at Waldorf Astoria Spa:
The World-class Waldorf Astoria Spa is just steps away at the adjacent Waldorf Astoria Orlando. Reward yourself with a pampering treatment after the race. Same-day appointments may be available. To book your Spa Reservation, call 407-597-5360.

Join the Runner's Challenge:
Participants of runDisney events have a chance to WIN A WEEKEND STAY at Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek by predicting their expected finish time.

Entry forms are located in your welcome bag. Only one entry per participant. The runner closest to his or her time will be named the winner. Drop off your completed form to the Runner's Concierge before your race.

Carb Load:
Carb Load at one these three great restaurants on property!
  • La Luce- Open 5-11pm. For "carb loading," our signature restaurant will feature a la carte pasta dishes.
  • Harvest Bistro- Dinner 4-10pm.  Featuring a "carb loading" dinner menu, for $16 per person.
  • Muse- Open 24 hours. Featuring gourmet coffee, pastries, garden fresh salads and sandwiches.
I had such a FABULOUS time running the Disney's Princess Half Marathon Weekend and staying at the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek Resort! I will definitely make plans to stay there again for my future runDisney events and family vacations.

Feel free to shoot me an email or find me on Twitter or Instagram at @Bamagirlruns if you'd like to have me answer any more questions about a future runDisney run-cation at Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek or Waldorf Astoria Orlando!

For more information on #MarathonWeekends please visit Hilton Bonnet Creek.

Happy Running and Hope to see you soon at #MarathonWeekends!
We did it!!
Disclaimer: I received a complimentary stay at Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek in exchange for my honest opinion regarding #MarathonWeekends. I cannot express how much I love this resort and plan to stay here for many future vacations at Walt Disney World Resort.