Monday, May 25, 2020

Memorial Day Weekend..aka 6 days away from Dopey Challenge
Memorial Day weekend. Ahhhh the long weekend. The good food from the grill. Hanging out with friends and fam. The nutritious diet... what?!!? 


Nutritious diet is Out the window. 

So THAT’S why I’m looking forward to marathon training. I have a purpose. I have a vision of the “skinny” me. I know I will feel better. Buh-bye junk food. Running will be so much easier minus a few pounds.

However, tonight,,,,, I indulge in the fried pork chops, the Mexican food after church, the popcorn during Netflix. Lord help us during the Netflix! ;)

Healthier days are coming. Did you hear me??! HEALTHIER DAYS ARE COMING.... SIX MORE DAYS UNTIL DOPEY CHALLENGE TRAINING!!! Until then, I’m up wayyyyy past my bedtime. I’m not drinking and eating the healthiest of things. But. In my mind, I’m a disciplined soul and there’s a finish line to cross. I’ll get there.👊🏼

See ya in a few days I’ll check back in when my training starts! 

Happy training and NO MORE JUNK FOOD. or Netflix;)))


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