Sunday, January 24, 2016

You had me at Funky Pants.

     A few weeks ago, I posted a New Year's Resolution-ish type of post where I claimed that 2016 would be the year of Funky Pants for me! Normally, I don't make promises or New Year's Resolutions of any types. I have a MAJOR fear of commitment. (Seriously, I jump ship when I feel like I'm committing to something that I can't follow through with or something that freaks me out). #OutOfSightOutOfMind

     However, I am LOVING wearing my funky pants.  I wore my new Dona Jo workout pants to the Walt Disney World 5K during Marathon Weekend and I couldn't have been any happier with my wardrobe selection.

     It was a cool morning and these pants were PERFECT. I didn't need anything thermal or insulated but I liked having the coverage on my legs. I think I must have received 500 compliments on my pants.  Seriously, the bright pattern was just fun.  I like fun!

First Leg of the Walt Disney World Dopey Challenge....Walt Disney World 5K.
    After a few corresponding emails with Dona Jo, they were so gracious to create a special discount code for me to share with my friends and readers. How cool is that??

     I quickly ordered my second pair of leggings (because I loved the first pair so much) and will wear these fabulous leggings as I run, in yoga class, while I teach my classes or when I'm out running errands. They are just too fabulous to keep in a drawer. 

How Do They Fit??
This is the number one question that I have received about these leggings. I think that they are SUPER SOFT and are stretchy enough to cover multiple sizes. I ordered the size 1 (0-8). I  think that they fit true to size and even after running a few miles in them, they did not sag. Major bonus points from me on that one. #SaggyPantsAreNoBueno.

**I have only tried out the leggings so I cannot speak for the sports bras, tanks, shorts or skirts.

Leggings in Whirlwind Pattern.
          So as of tonight, I'm 24 days into 2016 and I'm doing OKAY on some of the resolution-ish type promises that I've made. I'm wearing and LOVING my funky pants. I'm still working on my one-year goal.  I'm making great progress with that one. I have 341 more days to make it happen. ;)  I am focusing on what I need to focus on. 

      So far, so good! 

Use code BAMAGIRLRUNS to save yourself 20% off of your total Dona Jo purchase if you would like to order some of these fabulous leggings!! I really love mine and hope that you will too. :))

Happy Running, Happy Shopping and Happy 2016. <3

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