Friday, October 17, 2014

Working on my posts...#chimarathon #runDisney

     Good Grief. It's been almost two weeks since I've updated my blog!! I knew that these last few weeks would be busy but Jeez Laweez.....

     Busy but SO worth the lack of sleep, long miles and travel craziness!

     I got home Monday night at 1:30am, had a packed morning Tuesday morning and then came home and collapsed on Tuesday afternoon. I fell into a four hour deep coma, mouth open, drooling kind of  sleep.  I'm sure that the other parents at my daughter's volleyball game Tuesday night were looking at me like I was a real-life walking zombie. It wasn't pretty.

     Wednesday was madness trying to flip my house right side up from being gone, Church and Basketball Evaluations for my little man and then Thursday I ran errands all day (grocery shopping and cooked all day). Mom taxi in full swing. So here I am. It's Friday. I got a GREAT at-home workout in this morning and I'm starting to feel human again!! I'm old...fabulous, but still old. lol. #ImClaimingIt

     I've probably taken at least 800 race pictures between traveling to Orlando and Chicago. Can you say shutterbug?? I've uploaded them all and am working on my posts now. I've ran both of my Disney races before so I don't want to say that they were "old hat" but they kinda were as far as the actual races and courses. However, I had some REALLY great new experiences with friends. So again, I will say that no runDisney race is ever the same even if it is the same course, same characters, same parks etc. I have thoughts both positive and negative that I'm ready to dive into on my future posts regarding runDisney.

     Now Chicago Marathon. OH MY GOSH. I was not prepared for that fabulousness. I am the person in the race who never wanted it to end...I wanted that medal badly but I could have stayed on the course all day long.  Weird I know.  That's what separates those who run and those who *love* to run. I'm proud to fall into the latter of that sentence. This was my husband's first and ONLY full marathon. So much to tell about that experience also!

     More to come about my recent travels soon! Warning: these posts may contain ALOT of pictures! ;) 

     Now that you've listened to me ramble on about all of my shenanigans this week, I hope you all have a GREAT weekend full of beautiful weather, running and just overall happiness. I've got my future races to keep me focused on my training. I have taken the M-F portion of the week off from running but I can't take much more. I'm starting to twitch a little...Gotta get back out there! Always keeping my eyes on the prize!!

Happy running and happy weekend! :)

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