Monday, February 1, 2016

Note to Self: Don't Deny Your Crazy

After last Saturday's post on Instagram, boy oh boy did my phone BLOW UP. I appreciate all of the words of encouragement. 

I certainly wasn't looking for a pity party. I just had a really bad week. If I ONLY posted the good things in life, I feel like I would come across as a social media weirdo. 

I possess a touch of crazy. I don't deny that. But I do deny that I'm a slacker. I deny that I do things strictly to hurt others. I do deny that I'm not worth someone's time. 

I am one of the most driven and motivated people FULL of positive energy and intentions that you will EVER find. Just like I claim my faults, I claim the good things about myself. 

So as I stand here in my bathroom early on Monday morning, I had contemplated deleting that post all weekend(I don't like to be vulnerable)....I have decided to leave it. 

I've already ran a couple of times to clear my head and I have a few AMAZING opportunities going on this week....ain't NOBODY got time to be in a bad mood. :)))

I've got to finish getting ready for my day...this is NOT "No Make-up Monday". Lol. #GirlGoPutYoHappyFaceOn

Hope everyone has a GREAT week! I plan on it. :)))

Happy Running and Happy Monday.

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