Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Running Gift Bag

Running Gift Bag
     My hubby's birthday was last week and since he is now an "official runner" and in training for the Chicago Marathon, I decided for his birthday that I would hook him up with a running gift bag. I wish someone would have done that for me when I first started running!

     In my early days, I would spend hours looking at stores for the perfect shirt, shorts, skirt, whatever. Back then, running wasn't quite as trendy as it is now. I would buy one shirt and wear it for a year. Talk about STINKING Running clothes!!! Really. There is a legit need to rotate out your clothes, I promise.  I SO appreciate the anti-stink feature that companies use in their clothing now. I'll put it to you like this, I would have never bought a $12 pair of running socks. Who did that?? When I bought things, I thought I would run in them forever and I couldn't understand the need to invest alot of money into my running gadgets. Boy have times changed! I own waaaaay more running clothes than regular clothes and I won't skimp on them either. Quality=Peformance.

     Fast forward a few years....I stocked my hubby's bag with all of the essentials, these brands are tried and true and will last! I put some items in there that he has no idea that he will even need. That's okay. I'm teaching him. :)


1. Nike Dri-fit Tank and Nike Pro-Combat Shirt---He is running in a cotton t-shirt now and wonders why he is a human faucet at the end of our runs. These should help. Can't go wrong with Nike shirts.

2. Under Armour Dri-Fit Socks--I'm a firm believer in good socks. Again, back in the early days, I wore regular cotton socks. BAD mistake. I do not get blisters now because I wear great socks. Two of my favorite brands are Balega and Lululemon. I thought I would try the multi-pack for him...boys seem to need to change socks more often. ;/

3.  BCG Shorts--These are Academy Sports Brand. He is very particular about his running shorts so I didn't want to spend a whole ton of money on these because he may very well not ever wear them. I liked them. They have a reflector strip on the side, a liner (no need for undies) and zipper pocket in the back for his key. He currently hides his key under the hood of his truck. Totally not safe.

4.  Nathan Swift Energy Belt--AKA Water Bottle waist belt. Okay. He desperately needed this! He's a freak about not knowing when we are getting to the next water stop! When we set out to run, I drop water off at the midway point. Literally, I throw two water bottles on the ground on our local running trail and then have to go back and pick them up. It's a pain. This was the perfect thing for him. He can now carry his own water AND it has a little zipper pocket so he can carry his keys, money, Sport Beans, my lipgloss etc. ;)

5.  Jelly Belly Sport Beans--I've tried all kinds of gels, blocks, energy supplements. I have tons that I like but he's not too crazy about some of the ones that I like. He does like the Sport Beans so I bought him a few packs. Some have caffeine in them and some don't. I'm a fan of Gu, Clif (Vanilla Gel is my fave) and lately I've tried the Energy Bits and I like those too! 

6.  Last but not least...A Neon Yellow Nike Sweatband. OMG. This was a MUST PURCHASE item for him. He has been wearing this AWWWWWFUL white 80's sweatband and it just had to go!!! This one is much better, a little more hip with the times. Right now, he won't wear a visor or a hat, so headband it is. 

     Father's Day is right around the corner and I'm sure that I will add to his new running collection. My hubby is very crazy when it comes to his fashion sense (as in, he has NONE.)  Regardless, since he got his bag of goodies, I can tell that he feels better when he runs and seems to act a little bit "Cooler".  Thank goodness for that! 

     I'll be out shopping around for good deals for Father's Day now that I'm stocking a two-runner house! He wants new items to work around the yard with, I say new running shoes and shorts would be a better option. :)

Happy Running and Happy Father's Day!

**What would you like in a Gift Bag full of running items??


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