Tuesday, July 1, 2014

We Interrupt This Marathon Training Week. #Injured

Hurt, Sad and crying like a baby.
     Good Grief. I know that alot of runners get injuries of some sort through the years. Chances are if you stick with this sport, it's bound to happen to you too. Injuries stink. They are a huge set back in training, in your mojo, in your running spirit!

     Luckily, I have been spared injuries thus far. Until this week. uggggghhhh.

     However, my injury was non-running related. But still. It was an injury and it HURT. I broke up my two (female) dogs in a major fight. You know the word that I wanna use here but I won't because I like to keep things clean on a public outlet. But dang....my hand got in their way.

     Off to the Doc in the box I went. Got a stitch, several shots of lidocaine right in the middle of the open exposed meat of my thumb. Did that just hurt worse than childbirth?? Why Yes, I think it did.

     A prescription for pain meds, antibiotic and two days off from running and I am down for the count.

     Thanks pups.  Don't get me wrong, I love my babies and never do I ever think that they would bite me but I did, afterall, put my hand right in their faces and jaws were locked up.  I was trying to save them. Geez. They snuggled up next to me for hours after the incident. It was sad really.
My Minnie.
      Regardless, I took a couple of days off and finished up the week with my scheduled runs. My thumb is still gaped open and trying to heal. I've gotta get the stitch out next week and I really think I'm going to ask them to knock me out when I have to go in.  My thumb is tennnnnnder. I posted a video on Facebook and Instagram (my daughter video'd me being a HUGE screaming crybaby. Thanks kids.). It makes me hurt just to watch it.

     I managed to get in a 3 mile, 4 mile, 3 mile and 5.5 mile run this week. Not too shabby all things considered.
5.5 miles on the treadmill...ran without my thumb all bandaged up.
I needed some air!

    In the big scheme of life, I am very thankful that my injury wasn't running related and keeping me from hitting the road. I feel so bad when I seeing people posting injury posts.

This is how next week is looking. See my full training plan for Dopey Challenge and Chicago Marathon here.

6/30--Week 5
45 minutes
45 minutes
*3 miles
3 miles (9 miles)
Thumbs up for the weekend and for starting to feel human again! 

Happy Running and Stay Healthy!

**Has a non-running related injury affected your marathon training??


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