Monday, July 7, 2014

Marathon Training Week 5 Update! #DopeyChallenge #ChicagoMarathon

 Love keeping us on pace with my new 5 Hour Pacebands!
      Week 5 of Marathon Training is in the books! Glad that this week is OVER.  This week has been hot, full of hard runs and Sunday's 9 mile run was NOT pretty AT ALL. Ugh.  My hubby hit the wall around mile 5 and I wanted to knock him out!! Good grief.

      I am trying very hard to be patient with him and overall I think I'm doing pretty good but it's much harder to hit someone else's wall than your own. This marathon training is so completely different for me as I am keeping someone else's pace, running when it's convenient for him and being the encourager. I am the Coach and I am being tested. I'm not sure that I'm doing such a great job passing the test but I'm trying.
Keeping a good attitude. #HappyRunner
     Regardless, we got the miles and in and I'm ready to move on to next week.

This week I ran:

4 Miles--treadmill
4 Miles--outside
3.5 Miles--outside
9 Miles--outside
4 Miles late evening=Blurry pic. :(
     I will actually be running 10 miles in prep for Chicago Marathon instead of 7. I'm loving being ahead of the game just a bit. :)

On the schedule for next week:

7/7---Week 6
45 minutes
45 minutes
*5 miles
7 miles (10 miles)

Happy Running and Happy week will be a better week! :)

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