Monday, July 28, 2014

OMG!! I'm Featured on!!! #RUNootd

My Instagram Pic is featured on Runner's World site!

     Ever have one of those days where you are just full of "Wonder what today has in store for me?" Today was one of THOSE days.  6:02am I popped up out of my bed like I had something to do. Somewhere to go. Ummmm...oh hey, remember me? I don't have a job anymore. It's summer. My kids don't have Volleyball practice until 8:00am. What the heck??

     Regardless, I jump up. Start the dishwasher (from last night's dishes), get the laundry going, take the dogs out, brush my teeth, pull my unbrushed hair up in a high bun (those who know me well can appreciate that), run the trash cans out to the road (and my neighbors trash too because they are out of town) and then come back inside to drink my normal three cups of morning coffee.
Happy Monday!

     What's on my agenda for the rest of the day? Who knows?? I just had a feeling today was going to be a great day. I even tweeted that I was ready for it. And then I get a message from one of the editors of Runner's World Magazine. A little while later I see the tweet. OMG. Are you kidding me?!?!
Seriously?!?! Runner's World just tweeted my name and my pic to 832.5K Followers???

     I'm featured on the Runner's World Magazine website for my #RUNootd. (Run Outfit of the day). WOAH. I'm shocked. I'm flattered. I'm so surprised!!!

     Now, I know to lots of my runner friends and Twitter peeps, this isn't the biggest deal to them. They've been featured. They are sponsored. They work with all kinds of companies and brands. I dabble in that a little bit but to me in my world, and I live in my own small world (see what I did there?), this is HUGE!!

     I didn't enter the Team Chocolate Milk Contest because I thought...who would vote for me?? And I certainly did not enter the Runner's World Cover Contest. Same thing. I can't compete! So when, THEY featured ME....WOWZA. I'm truly humbled.

     I showed my kids. They looked at me like I was from another planet. I texted the article to my hubby...and no response. Womp Womp Womp. #MomGlamFail.  Not that they don't care about me, they just don't "get" it. That's OKAY.  They don't have to.  They run with me but ultimately, running is MY thing and I will spend just a few minutes being proud. I wore a cute outfit, themed it just right for my race and I've been featured in America's largest running magazine. Talk about a Happy Monday!!!  I've never read my name and Runner's World in the same article before and I really just have to let it soak in for a second. Really.
I've had to pull it up o my phone again just to believe it.
I'm still shocked!

     It's lunch time now and I'm headed out to the pool in a few with my kiddos....back from my virtual celebration to the real world still with no makeup on and my hair a hot mess. But hey, I've had a GREAT morning so far and I'm ready for whatever the rest of the day brings. :)

     Happy Running and Have a Fabulous Week!

To see more #RUNootd's be sure to visit and check out the editor's picks on how these outfits are functional too!

Also, I purchased my Asics tank at Lady Foot Locker using a giftcard that I received from attending a #DisneySportsFestival media event with runDisney and Disney Sports (ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex). My shorts were purchased at Lululemon and I tracked my run with my Nike+ Sportwatch
My entry to the Retro Run in Birmingham, Al. was sponsored by Coca Cola. All opinions are my own. 

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