Friday, April 25, 2014

Ready To Run Country Music Marathon!

The last time I ran in Nashville...with Jo Dee Messina! 

 Tommorrow I will be running my 6th Full Marathon in Nashville Tennessee!! Yeeeeeehawwwww!!!!!

     That's SO hard for me to comprehend. I thought when I trained for my first (Goofy Challenge 2011) that it would be a one and done. REALLY. Who was I kidding??? I'm no Olympian. Lol. In my mind, those were the types of people that run marathons, not me, the person who goes out to the local running track and run for fun. Who knew???

     26.2 is definitely not my favorite distance to run but there is no greater feeling of accomplishment than running a full marathon. Now don't get me wrong, ANY distance is a huge deal but Full Marathon is a whole different ballgame! It will push you right over that mental bridge. And I'm not kidding. I've ran some where I felt great and some where I literally crossed the finish line in tears (and not happy tears). Regardless, I'm ready to tackle another one. EEEEEKKKK!

     I'll be in Nashville tonight at the expo checking out all of the vendors, booths and fun stuff. This will be my first Rock n' Roll series event so I'm really excited to see what all the hype is about!!

      I love Nashville and go there quite often for different music events (I'm a Country Music Junkie) and have only one ran 5k there a few years ago! Can't wait to post lots of pics and get my HonkyTonk Run on! Hope to see lots of friends this weekend and make lots of new ones too!!

Happy Running and see ya in Nashville!

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