Friday, February 7, 2014

Fitness Envy..Yeah I Got it.

Athleta Chick
     There are not many times that I actually have a case of envy. However, today is not one of them. I get this catalog in the mail and instantly I have a terrible case of fitness envy. It's horrible!! I want the clothes. I want the bodies. I want those dang abs!!!!

     Seriously. WHO has abs like this chick??? Oh wait a minute. EVERY OTHER GIRL IN THIS CATALOG HAS THE SAME ABS. Great legs too.

     So I find myself telling my hubby. Yeah. I need to join a gym instead of just running every day. Yeah I need a part-time job at Athleta. Yeah. I WANT THOSE HOT MESS Green pants on the cover!!!

     This catalog is SO good to look at for so many different reasons. I will have a few moments of fitness envy and then I will make myself go feel like a rockstar as I dare to go run a few miles on my treadmill wearing only my sportsbra and capri pants. I will then go check out the website (where the chick on the home page is wearing the green pants too), drool over the clothes and get back to normal daily thoughts and activities. It's all good. Win/Win.

     Thank you for sending to me, Athleta! I actually enjoy being totally jealous as I catalog wish/shop!  The Fitness envy doesn't last long and it's all in good fun. One day I will have great abs and I might even break down and buy those hot mess cover green capris! Hubby knows I want them and tells me that I will look "cute" in them. That's really I need to hear. :)

     I do have a couple of Athleta skirts and I really like them so I know that I will like the green pants just as much. (Especially when I'm wearing them as I workout in my sports bra rocking my new rock-hard abs ;) .LOL.

     Happy Shopping, Running and Ab-Dreaming. :)

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