Friday, December 28, 2012

Pumpkin Bread, A Christmas Story and a fun win!

Well...the Holidays are upon us and as I am sitting here drinking my coffee out of my all-time favorite coffee mug ever, I have been waiting for my last batch of Pumpkin Bread to come out of the oven! I am feeling so "Suzy Homemaker-like" today. Very rare for me. I'm usually running 90 to nothing but it's nice every now and then to chill out and do nothing. I have made each of my neighbors, yes all 13 of them a loaf of delicious Pillsbury Pumpkin bread. Hope they like has made my house smell delicious!
Pumpkin Bread for my neighbors..I even sprinkled sugar on top! Fancy!
 Pillsbury is my fave...who can resist that cute little doughboy??
So as I am baking and tweeting, I get a notification from SparklySoul that I have just won the unreleased thin SparklySoul Headband! Oh my gosh, how excited am I to win this?!?! I have heard nothing but great things so I'm really eager to try it out!! I'm in love that I won the rainbow one..It will match with everything that I own!!! I'll be sure to take a few pics of me and my new supercool headband at my next race which is coming up soon!
And oh yeah, I guess I forgot to mention that it is 11:44pm and I'm up drinking coffee?!?!? Whaaaattt?? #LateNightBaker
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