Monday, December 31, 2012

It's a Waffle House Christmas!

 From our "HOUSE to Yours"...Merry Christmas!!
Through the years I've decided that I'm becoming less and less of a fan of the whole "commercialism" of Christmas. The decorations come out way too early, the parties are overrated and the shopping grates on my nerves! So I needed a tradition (besides going to church and celebrating the real meaning of Christmas) that I could share with my kiddos and they would actually enjoy. For years, besides the usual making cookies, reindeer food, visit to Santa, NOTHING. No traditions seemed to stick and none did my children seem to care about.

 It's a Waffle House Tradition!
  Until.... One Christmas Eve my folks had been on vacation and were flying home and called to inform me that they were stranded in the Houston airport. We go to my Moms every Christmas Day afternoon for lunch. Not this year. She would be home later in the day but would not have time to cook the Christmas Dinner and I had nothing at home to prepare for Christmas Day breakfast, lunch, OR dinner!!! Yikes! So early Christmas morning, we had some drop-in guests that said they had just came from Waffle House and it was packed! What?!? Are you kidding me?!?

 Hey. Lightbulb. Genius!!! The hubby and I talked it over, told the kids we could go every year, no matter where we are, how old they are, whether or not they still lived at home or were off at college, there is a Waffle House everywhere! So just like that, our favorite family Christmas tradition was born! It is absolutely my kids favorite thing on Christmas Day. Forget the presents, we're going to Waffle House!!!! My ONLY stipulation is that we go just how we look when we wake up. No makeup, no fixing your hair and you MUST wear your Christmas pajamas!!
Merry Christmas to you and your family...I hope you find a tradition that you love as much as we love ours! :)

 Even the lights had festive garland hanging from them!

My kiddos bellied up to the Waffle House bar...Lol!
 My personal fave...Hashbrowns Smothered and Covered, I think. Or maybe it's Capped, Diced or Scattered. Can't remember the topping for onions...Probably should learn that tidbit of info! :)

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