Monday, August 20, 2018

When you wear your BucketList on your fall race schedule!🤷🏻‍♀️

When you wear your bucket list on your head.
The running nerd in me LOVES to see summer coming to an end but only for one reason. I love love love running in the heat but I love the fact that the fall races are just around the corner.

     I've got a packed schedule this fall and I couldn't be happier. With no expectations other than to cross the finish line upright, I'm feeling pretty good about myself and my training.

     I've got a few races coming up that I've always wanted to run.....and then I have a few coming up that I've ran multiple times before in the past but I just can't see myself NOT ever running them!

On my Fall Race Calendar:

Tupelo Half Marathon, September 3rd--I return to Tupelo, Ms. to run the Tupelo Half Marathon. If you haven't been to this little city in a while, lemme tell you that I had so much fun there last year that I have added this race to my "must do it every year". My gosh, this city has so many quaint restaurants and cute little places to hang out in. Last year, I spent my Saturday night before the race watching the Alabama Football game at a local bar/restaurant and plan to do that again this year! Roll Tide!

With a 5am start time, Tupelo Half Marathon will be a early day....I'll be back home by noon and able to spend the rest of Labor Day Weekend with my fam! 

Marine Corps Marathon--October 28, Washington, D.C. Full Marathon #15, Here I come! I've had my eye on this marathon for a while now. I hear only good things about it and also hear that once I run it once, I'm going to want to run it again and again and again! I can't wait! My girlfriends and I are staying with another friend who just moved to the DC area so we are excited to hang out with her as well as run the race! I love a girls weekend getaway!

So Fi Golden Gate Bridge Half Marathon--November 4, San Francisco, Ca. So this is the BIG one for me. I made a bucket list in 2009 and  "Run over the Golden Gate Bridge" was one of the top things that I typed out on my list. I've been waiting for a long time for this one. And I'm super excited about it. See photo above for the nonsense that I put my fam through while I'm hanging around the house. LOL..

This was the only gift that I received from my family on Christmas Day so I've decided to stay a few days longer while I'm in California. My plans are to run the race and then head to Disneyland! After a few days in Anaheim, I'll be meeting up with my cousin in Scottsdale, Arizona and then heading to Las Vegas for the weekend... leading me to my next race!

Rock n' Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon--November 11, Las Vegas, Nv. I've been registered for this race for the PAST THREE YEARS and have had to back out all three years. So, to say that I'm going to attempt to run it again, I'm pretty postitive that I'm going to give it my best shot this year! Everyone that I know that has ever ran this race says that its the ultimate night race and there's nothing like it in the world! Close down the strip and let's run!!

Big Easy Half Marathon--November 17, New Orleans, La. New Orleans is only a 5 hour drive for me so this will be a super quick trip! Leave the day before the race. Expo, dinner, run the race the next morning and hit the road to home! I will need a good night's sleep for my next race.....The next day!!

Magic City Half Marathon--November 18, Birmingham, Al. This Half Marathon is located in the heart of MY city! Birmingham, Alabama! I'm a Magic City Half Ambassador so I also have a discount code for this race if any of my friends are interested in making the trip to the South to run this race! We start just outside of Regions Park (home of the Birmingham Barons) and we finish ON the Baseball field! Pretty cool venue for a Half Marathon Finish Line!

Use my code KLONG18 to save 10% off your Magic City Half registration.

After Magic City Half, I will try to make it through the holidays, log lots of training miles and then get ready to go see that crazy dwarf again at Walt Disney World!!

I will run my 6th Dopey Challenge  (48.6 miles) in January, 2019 and I cannot wait!! 

Planning ahead is always fun and I'm excited to run with my friends all over the country....Lots of work to do and lots of miles to log. I'm ready!!

Happy Running and Happy Race Planning!

Dopey Challenge Finisher. <3


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