Wednesday, August 22, 2018

I’m Glad that I Gained 15 lbs. #IKindaLikeMyCurves

So I posted this picture on Instagram the other day after I was in the gym talking to some of my best gal pals about gaining/losing weight, confidence, pregnancy weight loss and sexiness as a woman. THAT’s RIGHT. I just said "sexiness as a woman" out loud to my girlfriends. #TwoRedLightTownMomsGoneWild. Lol.

The photo on the left is me after crossing the 2016 Walt Disney World Marathon. I can remember that day vividly. I was under huge amounts of personal stress in my life. I didn’t eat. Hardly ever. I worked out and burned wayyyyyy too many calories everyday/all day. I was constantly stressed about trying to run lots of miles. Bottom line. I. WAS. STRESSED.

The photo on the right. July 4th, 2018. There are lots of folks who still think I possess a lot of the qualities from the above paragraph. That’s probably the furthest thing from MY truth. I appear way different on the outside to a lot of people than the way I really am on the inside. 

I have let so many things go over the last 8 months to be exact. I am in a major life change at home in my personal life. I eat well. I sleep well. I have vivid goals. I will not allow myself to be stressed like the left girl. I’m healthy. I’m strong. And I have a great outlook on life. Girl on the right celebrates Taco Tuesday. EVERY Tuesday.

I won’t let my own insecurities beat me down....

To say that I was overwhelmed by the responses from my Instaphoto is an understatement. I had some nice messages, some blunt messages and some not so good texts. I get it. For me to post that I was 135lb going to 150lb and I’m okay with it, ruffled a few feathers. Hey, I get that. I’m sorry to those whose feathers that I ruffled. That’s my weight and I recognize that lots of women would want to weigh 150lb on a bad day. I appreciate that honesty more than you know. I’ve weighed wayyyyyy more than that in years past so I sincerely sympathize with you there. But I also celebrate you, no matter what number that you weigh. 

On the flip side.....I’ve received messages from women with eating disorders who would love to weigh 135lb and say that I’m being snarky in calling that "too skinny". 

Again, these were my numbers for my frame. I’m not a tiny mite. Never have been. Never will be. 

The above photo was only a reminder to myself and to my two teenage daughters that numbers on a scale are just that. Numbers on a scale. Women are BEAUTIFUL and I want to be a Healthy example to my girls. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

I’m glad that I GAINED a few extra pounds and I want to be strong, healthy and sexy in all of the right ways that a 45 year old mom to three teenagers can be. 

Does this blog post sound vain? I sure hope not...I hope it inspires others to let you know that it’s OKAY to actually GAIN weight. Weight loss is great too. But balancing healthy and strong is just the best :)

But after hundreds of Instagram messages, I’m thinking that I absolutely love you guys for your support and honesty is always the best policy...Strong is sexy on so many levels and I love you all no matter how much you weigh!!!❤️

Oh and job update.... 4th interview is on Tuesday! They have created a job just for me because i didn’t fit the mold for what they were looking for!! And this could be the best ever. :)))

Happy Running and Happy Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Curves and Job Hunt! :)))

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