Friday, May 8, 2015

Enduropacks: A Team of Vitamins!

Welcome to my EnduroPacks Review!
    Way before I became a runner, I have ALWAYS been a fangirl of taking my vitamins. I must admit that I take a Women's Multi-vitamin one-a-day and after I found out about how Glucosamine affects your joints and pains, I have been taking that as well for years. I broke my knee cap in college so that knee just gives me fits!

     Last month, I tried out EnduroPacks Multi Vitamins and talk about WOW. I feel fantastic!!! I tried the multivitamin, Glutamine, Electrolyte Salt Spray and the Amino Acid Patch. I realize now that what I have been doing for years is OKAY but will not help me reach my full potential.

     I'm a sweaty mess after I work out and really like the Salt Spray.....I'm ALL ABOUT replacing my Sodium and Electrolytes!!

Hot Mess=Great Workouts.
     Seriously, I have a tremendous amount of energy, no knee issues running times and endurance levels have been fabulous!!

A little more info about EnduroPacks:

How to use your EnduroPack:
Instructions on how to effectively use EnduroPack

EnduroMulti Liquid Vitamin & Mineral
Wild Berry Flavor

1. Liquid Multivitamin:
One Tablespoon (preferably with a meal before your workout.)
EnduroPacks Electrolyte Salt Spray

2. Electrolyte Salt Spray
5-10 Sprays into your water bottle to hydrate during your workout.
EnduroPacks Essential Amino Acid Patch

3. Amino Acid Patch
Apply a patch immediately after your workout and leave it on for the rest of day.

4. Glutamine Recovery Complex
Take two capsules before going to sleep.

     My workouts have been awesome. Since January, I have included new Crossfit, Insanity, Strength Training, a few harder runs into my schedule and my last few long runs were great! I was thrilled with my last half marathon time. The time itself wasn't great but what was great was the fact that I had ran a super hard and hilly 15k the day before. And when I say hilly. I mean HILLLLLLLLLLLY. My legs were on fi-yah!!

     Sometimes a great "time" can be even better if it's a longer time depending on the course situation. Gotta keep all of that in perspective.

     Thank you Enduropacks...You are awesome.


Time on the left...Statue to Statue 15K in Birmingham, Al. (VERY HILLY)
Time on the right...Biggest Loser Half Marathon in Mobile, Al.
(flat course but my legs were killing me from the day before!)
One last thought:
     I really like how the Enduropack Vitamins compliment one another. It's kind of fun taking a team of vitamins. Taking something before I workout, while I workout and post workout keeps me focused on my health and very aware of my recovery.  It's also kind of fun to see how taking that team of vitamins really helps with my results!

     I will continue to take Enduropacks and am really glad that I was able to try the Salt Spray and Amino Acid patch. Those are two things that I would have probably never even thought to try!

     Try Enduropacks out for yourself for 30 days....I think you will be most impressed with your results. :)

     For more information on these Enduropacks, please visit

Disclaimer: I was provided a 30 Day supply of Enduropacks in exchange for my honest opinion. Honestly, they work!

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