Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Runner's World Magazine Gets a Makeover! #ANewRW

The October of the redesigned Runner's World Magazine

     Have you heard the news?!? Beginning in October, Runner's World Magazine is getting a makeover!

     I'm so excited to hear this news. I've been a subscriber to Runner's World Magazine for as long as I've been running (almost 8 years now) and not that there's anything really wrong with the content of the magazine or the cover models that they have now but it's just time for a change!  Previously, there are Celebs, Olympians, and just overall fantastic runners that have graced the cover....all good models to feature on the cover. However, the new October issue will feature a "real" runner and will cover content that focuses on the "real" runner. It's a "magazine for all runners". That's crazy important to me!!!

     As most of you know, I'm not an Olympian, am far from the speedy type, most likely will never be able to run NYC or Boston Marathon (not based on qualifying time), don't have a perfect cover model body and do not have a flawless running form. I am full of flaws, people!!!! But what I do have is a deep passion for running, am genuinely interested in products that work or don't work, love reading about races around the world and am just an overall marathon running nerd. I feel like I'm about to subscribe to something new but something that's familiar also. Told ya that I am a nerd. ;) 

     I read the editor's letter on the Runner's World Website about all of the changes coming to the magazine and I will be stalking my mailbox for when it hits the newsstands on September 9th! I know that change can be hard but sometimes it's just so necessary. I am sure that the Runner's World readers will see the benefits in the change. And to the new cover model, Micah Risk, YOU GO GIRL!!  That girl has a 3:18 Marathon PR and is a working Mom from Boston. And she's REAL. I love it!!! 

Happy Running and Happy Reading! 

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