Friday, August 22, 2014

FlipBelt Review and Discount Code!

My FlipBelt...I chose Carbon (Dark Grey).
     As part of a #SweatPink and FitApproach Campaign, I was given the opportunity to review a FlipBelt! I was really excited about this because I have owned other belts and am not too fond of a fanny-pack type thing over my running clothes. I like to run as light as possible and don't want things bouncing around. I've got enough of that back there and don't need to add any more if you know what I mean. ;)

     First I was given the option of what color and size FlipBelt that I wanted to order. I was so torn! I really liked the bright fun colors but ended up going with the dark grey (Carbon) option. I chose functional (something that I could wear with lots of things). I'm all about getting the most bang for my buck.
A Rainbow of options!

Royal Blue
Neon Green
Jet Black
Hot Pink
Nuclear Yellow
Carbon (Dark Grey)
Neon Punch
     I measured my waist and decided that I would need a size Medium. Not ever owning one of these before and having to order online, I was a little apprehensive as to what size would be too big or fit just right. I read some reviews and decided that I would want it to fit a little more snug. I don't want it to stretch either and be too big.

More info on FlipBelt:
*A sleek way to carry phones, cards, keys and cash
*Easy Multi-Access Openings
*Turn to Lock in Items
*Reflective Logo
* Machine Wash and Dry
*Slide Items Anywhere
*No bouncing
*No chafing
aLOKSAK--Water Proof 3"x6" Bags Qty 3
These were listed on the website and although I did not receive any of these,
I  am seriously thinking about purchasing some! I can think of one million uses for them...
back up battery pack, camera, phone, lip gloss etc. :)

     First, I'm a big nerd so I wore it around my house for a day. I wanted to see how it fit doing daily activities. I know that it's a fitness belt, but it can totally be worn underneath your normal clothing when you need to be "hands-free".  On a sidenote, one thing about me: I listen to music all day long so I love the idea of having my phone next to me as I'm zipping around the house without having to hold it.

     My phone fits inside the belt but I'm not sure that I would run with it inside of the pockets (I'm a live tweeter, instagrammer etc. when I run). However, I did snap a couple of pics with my camera inside so you can see the fit.  This belt will be perfect for holding all of my essentials while I run....ID, Debit Card, Money, Gels and Lip Gloss. ;)

     There's also a little hook inside one of the pockets. Hello Safety Pin holder!!!

     Here's a pic of the FlipBelt around my waist. It fits snug and seamless! It is not bulky AT ALL and I can barely tell that its on underneath my clothing. In this pic, I have not "Flipped" my belt....I will flip it to lock in my items when I run!
Bathroom Selfie Time!
Yes, I'm standing on my tub and I apologize for the toothpaste on the mirror. #RealLifeProbs

The fit is perfect and it seamless against my shorts.

Pockets are big enough for my camera.

I can wear this on my hip. :)
     Now for the REAL TEST....Running with the FlipBelt on! Here are my thoughts.....
FlipBelt flipped during my run.

        I tucked my lip gloss, a few of my business cards (so I could tell if things would get wet or not), a keychain (because it was a little bulky) and a gel inside my pockets and I set out for a 10 mile run on my treadmill.  After I tucked everything in, I flipped my belt over to lock the items in place. My belt did not budge. It stayed exactly where I put it until I got to mile four and had to reach in for my lip gloss. Apparently, I'm not a good flipper because when I put it back in the pocket and flipped it again (while running), my lip gloss flew out! I think I will work on my flipping skills while running. :)

Things definitely get wet from being tucked in side of the FlipBelt
so the waterproof baggies are a much needed accessory.
     The next thing that I noticed about my belt is that it was soaking wet. My shorts were soaked too so no big surprise there. That was not necessarily a bad thing for me. The directions say machine washable so I'm good with that!

     Other than my minor flipping issue, I really like my FlipBelt and will definitely recommend it to anyone! I kind of like it unflipped better though....seems a little less bulky (flatter) and I like the extra support around my hips.

     This product could not have come at a better time for me as I have (3) 5K's, (2) 10K's, (1) 10-Miler, (6) Half Marathons and (3) Full Marathons on the schedule from now until February 2015. Did I just type that out loud?? Woah. I'll be putting the miles on my FlipBelt!

Use Code SWEAT33 for 10% off to order your FlipBelt and let your love for FlipBelt be heard! Click to Tweet! <a href=""><img src="" alt="Tweet: Run, play, explore with #FlipBelt! Use the code sweat33 for 10% OFF your entire purchase! @flipbelt @fitapproach" /></a>

Discount Code expires 9/4/2014.

Happy Running and Happy Marathon Training!

**Where do you put all of your "stuff" when you run or workout??

Disclaimer:  I received a FlipBelt in exchange for my review as part of a SweatPink/Fitapproach Campaign. All opinions are my own. However, I really like this product so it receives an extra dose of Bamagirlruns love. :)

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