Friday, August 29, 2014

My Manitoba Harvest Review and Instagram Contest! #SweatPink

HempPro 70
Chocolate and Vanilla

     Being a runner, I am CONSTANTLY trying new protein powders. I usually drink at least one protein shake a day so needless to say, I want to use products that are healthy, low in sugar and that will not upset my stomach. 

     I've said it before, I'm not much of a breakfast eater so protein shakes work for me. This week, I am trying out HempPro 70 in Chocolate and Vanilla. 

Information on HempPro 70:
*The only water soluble hemp protein powder on the market.  It's super smooth and it doesn't need to be mixed by a blender or vita mix.  Unless of course you want to whip up a tasty smoothie.
* Pure plant based protein that's 95% digestible.  There are only four ingredients in either flavor of HempPro 70. 
* Sweetened with organic coconut sugar - so it's low on the glycemic index.
* Protein and Omegas! Our Vanilla flavor has 15g of protein and our Chocolate flavor has 14grams, both are chalked full of Omegas!
Chocolate HempPro 70 Protein Shake.
Roll Tide. ;)

     I tried Chocolate first and I mixed the sample packet with straight up Vitamin D whole milk (that's what we drink in my house) and mixed it up with a regular spoon. It was a little clumpy but not too bad. Maybe I didn't mix it up enough??

     I have kicked the sugar habit so this protein powder was good for me. It was not sweet at all. It was definitely not like a glass of chocolate milk (to me, chocolate milk is much sweeter)....there was a little more "protein" flavor than plain chocolate milk. I can REALLY taste the cocoa powder goodness. This product is probably used best when mixed into other beverages (smoothies, coconut water etc.).

     Next up, I tried the Vanilla flavor a few days later for a quick breakfast protein shake. For whatever reason, the vanilla was alot less clumpy than the chocolate flavor and was really good too! I did the same thing with this sample and mixed it with Whole Vitamin D Milk. Again, I would drink this product the way I mixed it or would mix it in with my regular smoothie recipe for added protein.
Vanilla Hemp Pro70.
     Overall, I really liked these products and would continue to use them. Selling points for me were that they were plant-based, only contained four ingredients, and are low in sugar and calories! Sold!

11oz. HempPro70 Vanilla
available online
Ingredients: Hemp protein concentrate, organic coconut sugar, organic vanilla flavor, natural plant extracts.
Nutritional information for Vanilla HempPro70.
11oz. Chocolate HempPro70
available online.
Ingredients: Hemp protein concentrate, organic coconut sugar, organic fair trade cocoa powder, natural plant extracts.
Nutritional Information for Chocolate HempPro70.

Now for the fun part of this blog post!

Contest Alert!
Share the hemp love and you could WIN! Snap a pic and tag on either Instagram or tweet to @ManitobaHarvest, and use the hashtag #pro70 in your comment. Do this, and you are automatically entered a win a case of your favorite flavor! Don't forget to specify if you would like to win Chocolate or Vanilla!
Good Luck! Hurry! Contest ends 9/30/2014

For more information on these products and other plant-based Manitoba Harvest products, please visit

Disclaimer: I was provided free samples from FitApproach and Manitoba Harvest in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own!

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