Monday, January 6, 2014

#MotivationMonday Walt Disney World, Here I Come!!

     I've been a BUSY girl packing up and handling all of the last minute details that I need to handle before I head to Walt Disney World to run 48.6 of the most magical miles on Earth!!! Eek! Did I just say that?!? 

     Taking care of the kids and making sure the hubby will be okay for a that's a need for whole different blog site. LOL. 

     I'm ready. I'm trained. And I'm excited!!! 

     I love everything about the races, the friends and most of all..the Parks!!! I can't wait to play, eat, and run down Main Street USA!!! Yipppeeeee!!! 

      The cute pic above is one of the art cards available in my virtual goody bag from Lasting Commemorative. Love goodies like this! Adorable. 

      I've gotta finish getting everything wrapped up!   Happy Running and see you at the Castle!  

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