Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bleacher Mom....

 My little Mets Player

     Baseball Season has officially started and guess who just became the BIGGEST METS fan ever?? That's right. This girl! You will find me most nights and Saturday afternoons parked on the bleachers (I don't do the fancy chairs at the ballpark).  Not that I have anything against those that use the fancy chairs, I just like to be in the stands with some of my other Baseball Mom friends. We're cool like that. LOL. Just kidding...Really we like to work on our "ballpark tans" there. :) There is nothing better than hanging out at the ball park in the Spring...nothing!

 Opening Night at the Ballpark--The National Anthem
     My boy is a superfast base runner and can fly when it comes to stealing bases. My hubby likes to the take the credit that it's his coaching that gets him there...Sorry hubby, I think he gets it from Mom! :)

Getting a little 3rd Baseline Coaching from Dad.
     When I say that watching kid-pitch ball is a whole different ballgame, it is! For years, we've watched the coaches pitch and then came machine pitch...borrrring. Now we're at the kid-pitch level and it truly is exciting! Justin has been begging the Coach aka Dad to let him pitch. After a few innings of the first game, Dad gave in. He LOVES it and is all business when it comes to pitching. It makes me a little more nervous far so good. No injuries on the other side....yet. :)
 Quite Possibly one of my favorite pics of Justin playing ball.....SO Serious.

 Love my little Pitcher!

     I'm so ready for warmer weather and great spring races but I will have to get my runs in earlier on Saturdays or after the games AND will probably have to get a few extra miles in to get rid of all of the ballpark Nacho calories! I'm totally Okay with that.

See you at the Ballpark.....GO METS!! :)

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