Monday, April 8, 2013

The weekend wrap-up!

Trying out my new Sony Fitness Walkmans

    What started out to be a pretty "low-key" weekend ended up being packed full of running and alot of normal stuff for me and the fam! First off, Friday evening...I was SO excited to receive my new Sony Fitness Walkman Wireless Digital Music Player that I was dying to take them out for a run! Big Shout out to Klout for sending these! (Full Review coming soon).
5 Mile run around the park!
     I had originally planned to only get a quick 3 Miles in but on mile 2.5, a friend showed up to the park and we ended up talking a little RunDisney and catching up which led me to getting 5.38 miles in. Fine by me! I needed the miles and was happy to see those calories go! Ha!
     Saturday morning my boy was up bright and early by 6:30AM and FULLY DRESSED for his ballgame which wasn't until 9am! Can you tell he's just a wee bit excited about baseball season?!?!  Off to the game we go. The weather was GORGEOUS and there's better than being at the ballpark on Saturday morning watching my boy play!
 My little Mets Player

     Our  normal catcher was not feeling good this morning so Justin stepped in to catch! Now this made me a little nervous. He's never even practiced being a catcher but boy did he step up! He made a few just really awesome plays and now he's going to be getting alot more catching time. He loved it.
 My boy is catching!
     After the ballgame, we grilled out tons of hamburgers and hotdogs, had some friends over and watched the kiddos run around the backyard for hours. After a long day and many hamburgers and chips later, I needed a good evening run. It was still just too pretty outside. Got a quick 5k in around my neighborhood. I managed to add in a couple of hills that I don't normally run so I wasn't feeling too too bad about all of those hamburgers. :)

 Quick Saturday run!
     I woke  up Sunday morning with a house full of kids that had spent the night and decided they needed a little dose of Disney! Yep. Mickey Waffles before Church!
Mickey Waffles happening!
     The kids gobbled the Mickey Waffles up and off to church we went! For some reason, I'm thinking that my kids might just have the coolest mom ever. Just sayin'. ;)
 The Finished product!
     After church, I headed out to meet a friend for a 5-6 mile run around the park. Two laps around is one mile so that can kind of get a little nutty after a while. Needless to say, we jumped off the track and hit the trails close to here and got 5.75 miles in this afternoon. Again, Have I mentioned how GORGEOUS my weather was this weekend?? It was just one of those days where you MUST be outside.
Where I run...
     Got in from my run and had to hurry back to the ballpark..time for team pics! I'm the "Team Mom" so I had to make sure that we were all there and lined up the right way. We were short one Met so I'll grab another pic after a game. They look so serious in their pic. Cracks me up! Go Mets!
Go Mets!
     Okay. So we get home, hubby was taking a nap. The kids were all outside playing. I'm completely caught up on the laundry. WHATTTTT????? Yes. Major accomplishment here. I can't be still! I'm headed back to the park to get a few more miles in. After all, I hadn't changed clothes from the first run. A quick 3 miles should do the trick!

2nd run of the day!
     Well, I had thought 3 miles would be it but then here comes my friend again! It's like we share the same brain waves and just show up at the same time. I wanted to get 4.25 in now to make it an even 10 miles for the day. I went over just a bit and got in 4.30. So 10.05 Total miles!!! Talk about a GREAT Weekend!
     I hurried home to get a quick shower...the ACMs are on at 7pm! I'm a HUGE Country Music Fan and I knew that Jason Aldean was set to sing 1994 which is one of my absolute favorite songs on his Night Train Album so I needed to be all settled in to watch it!

 All settled in for the ACM Awards
     1994 was just as fabulous as I had thought it would be and I decided to post my "Joe Diffie" pic! I met him in Nashville, super nice guy. I bet he had ZERO idea that he was about to become a phenomenon again in his later career! I loved all of his older stuff but now I'm really glad to have this pic with him!

 The Real Joe Diffie!

     And of course, cutie pie Luke Bryan won ACM Entertainer of the Year so I had to post this pic too! This one is my favorite of me and him. This pic is from the Buckmaster/Duck Commander Booth at the CMAFest in Nashville back when he only had one song out. I knew who he was but he was with all of the Duck Dynasty guys that day and nobody knew who they were at the time! Crazy!! There was a little girl in the next booth over by the name of Taylor Swift who had just come out with a hit song "Tim McGraw" that everyone was swooning over...Double Crazy!!!
 Yay! Luke Bryan! Entertainer of the Year!
     So what was really supposed to be an uneventful weekend at home, turned out to be a jam packed weekend full of fabulousness! We didn't go anywhere, didn't spend a dime but had a GREAT time just being at "Home". Those are my favorite types of weekends!

**How do you like to spend your weekends and will YOU be attending CMAfest this summer??  Leave me a comment and let me know!

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