Wednesday, March 20, 2013

We've come a LONG way baby.....

 The Longs est. March 20, 1999.
   So I'm laying in the bed, it's our 14th wedding anniversary and we're watching Duck Dynasty. Sounds exciting huh?? The kids are gone to the grandparents this week for Spring Break and I decided to break out a few old wedding pics. Gaaaaah...when I look back at this wedding picture, I barely even recognize these two people. "We've come a LONG way baby" is an understatement to say the least!!! I've been married for 14 years now to my hubby and it has been great, well for the most part. I would be lying straight through my teeth if I said it was always easy, always fun, always exciting. No that's not it at's been life! It's been a life full of raising kids, working hard and learning how to be a family. And it's been a life that I don't want to ever live without.
      David and I met in college and knew within a few months that we would be most likely be getting married. We got an apartment together, took alot of fun college classes and talked about getting married and so we did. We started having kids right away and by February of 2003, we had three little babies. I still can't believe to this day that we lived through three kids ages three and under but we did. And boy did we learn ALOT. And fast! Our house has always been crazy, loud, chaotic but most importantly HAPPY. Our kids are a perfect blend of the two of us... witty, athletic, nutty, caring, tall, they have a great sense of humor but most of all they are just good kids with sweet hearts. I'm proud of how we've raised them so far and how they are turning out!
      As the kids got older (now 13, 11 1/2 and 10), we have gotten sooooo busy. But still HAPPY. We hardly have a night at home when one of us doesn't have  practice of some sort, ballgames, church, parties etc. but it's a busy that I would not trade. I know, I know, they will all be gone soon. Gone to college, gone to work, gone to have lives of their own. Those are days that will fly by as fast as the last 14 years have. I am choosing to enjoy all of these days, even the pre-teen and teenage years. Oh yeah, I went there! Just kidding. I really like my kids being middle school aged. I think I may even be a better teenage mom than a baby mom. At this point, my job as a mom requires alot of listening. I can listen to them. That's not rocket science. However, The teenage years will cover lots of future blogposts, I'm sure. ;)
Ummm yeah. We made these people. lol.
   Through it all, we've always tried to have "date nights" and vacations for just me and the hubby. Don't get me wrong, we've taken the kids on plenty of vacations too but the quick getaways are always needed! They are draining us financially and I'm thinking they are going to keep doing that. Lol. Raising a family in today's world is just expensive. Not to mention, we will have three kids in high school and then three kids in college at the same time. OMG. I'm a pretty strict mom when it comes to learning the value of a dollar. Even when I have lots of cash to spend on them, I am most concerned that they realize that money doesn't grow on trees and they realize that they will never have everything nor should they want everything. Being grateful is a good thing. Sometimes gratefulness is such a hard lesson to learn but such a valuable one.
 Fun Date Night to CMA Awards November 2012

     I never imagined 14 years ago just where we would be today and so I wonder 14 years from now where we will be. We have been blessed beyond belief and I've prayed daily to keep my family safe and help me to be the best Wife and Mom that I can be. I'm very grateful that my prayers are answered daily. I could not do this alone and for that, I realize just how much I appreciate my hubby every single day for being a great hubby, great Dad and spiritual leader of our family! I love these four people more than anything and I'm looking forward to every single day that I get to spend with them. Okay. Sappy time is over....Happy Anniversary and Back to Duck Dynasty. ;)

 Family Hangout Spot...Bama Football, Roll Tide ya'll!


  1. How cute are y'all! Congrats on 14 years!! :0)

  2. Thank you! It seems like forever but yet has gone so quick!