Monday, June 23, 2014

Marathon Training Update! #MondayMotivation

My new favorite running 5 Hour Marathon Pacebands!
     Monday morning.....I AM TIRED!!! Last week was week full of running and complete busy-ness with my kiddos.  I'm not complaining. I have enjoyed every single minute of our summer so far. Despite the heat, my training runs have been GREAT.  I feel like I'm burning double or triple the amount of calories when I run. I'm a soaking sopping wet mess at the end of my runs. Gross I know, but runners "get" how great that is. :)

     The hubby and I had to back our long run up a day from last weekend (we were out of town). No biggie. We got it in on Monday. What a way to kick of the week...start it off with a long run!

     I was also able to meet one of my BFF's for a run on Friday morning...Running is always better when you can chat out the world's problems with a friend. :)
5 Miles with one of my BFF's. :))

7 miles in the books...the longest run for my hubby!
I'm running at his pace...The goal is a five-hour finish time. 
So this is what happened:
Monday- 6 Miles
Tuesday- 3 Miles
Wednesday-3 Miles
Friday-5 Miles
Sunday-7 Miles

Total: 23 Miles

Not bad for week 3 of Marathon training! Read my full schedule here.

Here's what the week ahead looks like:

6/23--Week 4
45 minutes
45 minutes
*4 miles
5.5 miles (5 miles)
My favorite way to hydrate...poolside!
I am hydrating like crazy and getting excited for the longer runs coming up.

Happy running and happy marathon training. :)

**Do you like running with friends?

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