Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pacebands Giveaway!

5 Hour Marathon Pace 
     I'm excited to be working with the company Pacebands! I have looked at these bracelets for a while now at expos and have never bought one until now. I kept talking myself out of them. My thought was,  I have a GPS watch. Why would I need this? Just one more thing to put on my wrist!

     Well. Let me tell you why I bought one. 

     In the years past, I have always had a goal when I ran a marathon. That goal was to FINISH. I'm not kidding. I would have a time in mind and it was like an extra dab of frosting on a piece of cake if I met that time. If not, no big deal. I trained, I ran, I had a great time. I finished! No pressure.

     This year is different. Now that I'm training for Chicago Marathon with the hubs, there is much pressure to finish in under 5 hours. I can do that. I have done that twice. However, he has not. This will be his first marathon and I'm the Coach!! I'm the keeper of the GPS. I'm the keeper of the time. I'm the keeper of the pace. This is a whole new world to me and I kinda like it. :)

     When I saw the Pacebands, I knew I had to have one! And come on, it's pink, easy to read and inexpensive. I LOVE that the lettering is raised and large enough to read so when I'm running, I can look down and spot where i need to be at each mile. 

     My keeping of the pace won't interfere with battery or music. :)

     Because I'm in love with mine so much, I've decided to give two away to my friends! If you are one of the lucky winners, you can go online and custom order your color, distance and pace. And if you are not the winner, you can still go online and custom order your color, distance and pace! :)

     I am the proud owner of the Pink 5 Hour Marathon pace band but I will definitely be ordering the Half Marathon Paceband very soon...to match my Dopey Challenge clothes, of course. :)

    So the big question is...How do you win?? First you must follow Pacebands on Twitter and leave a  then comment in the comment section below telling me which Paceband you would choose and why! Super Easy!

     Thank you for entering and I wish you all good luck!

Disclaimer:  I am provided with giveaway from Pacebands. All opinions are my own. Two random winners will be chosen Saturday 6/14/2014.

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