Thursday, June 5, 2014

Run With Style, My Momentum Jewelry Review

Motivate Wrap from Momentum Jewelry
Foot Notes Shoe Charms
     I'm always on the lookout for stylish jewelry to wear. Being a runner, I want to show off that I'm a runner but don't ever want to be obnoxious at the same time. Some of the options out there that I've seen at Expos and running stores are quite frankly, a little bit on the tacky side. :/

     When I found Momentum (Designs That Move You), I absolutely fell in love with these products! It's About Time!! A bracelet that I can wear while I run or just casually around town that doesn't scream I'm an obnoxious runner and I wear tacky jewelry!

     There are several different products to choose from on their website but the cool thing is that their products are totally customizeable. First, I chose the Rectangle Motivate Wrap. The rectangle is 1/2 inch x 1 5/8 inch Aluminum and is not supposed to tarnish. For the wrap, I could choose between Black, Olive, Eggplant, Cardinal Red, Hot Pink and Teal. The material is handwashable and stretchy fabric.

Next, I was able to choose my sayings for the rectangle. My options were:
COMMIT to be fit
LIVE fearlessly
LIVE joyfully
NOW or never
RUN happy
THRILL seeker
YES! you can
accept no limits
aspire to INSPIRE
dig deep
dream big
earned not given
gotta run
gym rat
i <3 to run
like a BOSS
live with passion
make it happen
no excuses
positive ENERGY
runner GIRL
so grateful
swim bike run
CUSTOM. (You can even customize your own saying for an additional $3. How cool is that??)

     I chose Teal with the saying "dream big" and I think it fits my personality perfectly! As soon as I got it in the mail, I could not wait to get it on my wrist! I wrapped it around 4 or 5 times until it fit just the way I liked it and took it out for a run! No rubbing, chafing or slipping. Perfect!
I like to mix my Motivate Wrap in with my other jewelry that I wear everyday!
      The next item that I ordered was a set of the Foot Notes Shoe Charms. Lucky Me!! I could either order a Single or Coordinated Pair. I chose the Coordinated Pair. My sayings options were:
RUN 13.1
RUN 26.2
RUN 5k
CUSTOM (Custom wording for an addional $2.)

     The Foot notes slide onto the shoelaces and stay in place while you jump, kick, run, lift, dance, lunge, throw, sprint or bike! I chose to run all 26.2 miles of the Country Music Marathon wearing my Foot Notes. It was nice to look down at my feet and see "RUN FAST" to give me that extra little boost when I needed it!
My Foot Notes "RUN FAST"
     I have enjoyed my Wrap bracelet and my shoe charms. These make the perfect gifts for runners or to purchase for yourself so that you can be stylish while you workout! I will be ordering more in the future...My biggest problem will be picking out which saying I want! So many great ones to choose from!

**For more information on these products and more be sure to visit Momentum Designs that move you.

Happy Running and Don't hesitate wear cute jewelry when you run!

Disclaimer: I was provided product in exchange for honest review of Momentum Jewelry. All opinions are my own. 

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