Thursday, June 12, 2014

Healthy Kids Snack! It's Smoothie Time!

Four 10-12 oz. servings of Fruit favorite.
 One of my BIGGEST Pet Peeves in life is my kids CONSTANTLY bugging me for snacks. I'm sorry but no one needs to eat all day. The junk that is out there marketed towards kids just keeps them wanting to come back for more junk.  I'm speaking for my children alone on this and they will eat until the end of time if I let them. Most of the Snacks that they want are not filling and are over processed. Yep. I'm THAT mean mom who rarely gives in to running through the drive-through, pitching fits don't work with me and I could care less if "everybody has one". Juice boxes and individually packaged things don't exist at my house! Too expensive. I avoid taking my kids to the grocery if I can help it. Now that they are older, it's not that big of an issue..Its not fun for them. I put them to work if they go. :) I had to take them when they were little. Not a fan of that. One thing I know, if they are not with me at the the store, they don't ask for junk. Out of sight, out of mind.

     Tough Mom? Yes and one day they will thank me for it. One day.

     We are not huge breakfast eaters at my house so they will grab a bowl of cereal, waffle, whatever...but when it's time for a snack, I'm pushing fruit, yogurts, cheese, etc.
I know that fruit has sugar. That's OKAY with me. My kids are active and they can burn natural sugar. It's the snack cakes, gummy junk and soft drinks that are not okay. My hubby is terrible at letting them sneak that junk in. He is the biggest kid at my house. grrrr.

     What's my solution?? Smoothies.

     Here's one of my favorite recipes for a fruit smoothie that all of my kids love. Plus, this is great for me too before and after I run. I drink them all of the time instead of thick chalky protein shakes. I add in extra protein powder to give it that extra healthy boost that we need and it also fills us up! Full kids are happy kids....not whiny kids begging for snacks that never satisfy them. Healthy eating habits start with parents! If you provide junk food, kids will eat junk food.

   Here's my recipe that I use:
3 ripe bananas
2 Red Apples
1 cup Vanilla Yogurt--I don't use fat free. Not a fan of artificial sweeteners.
Splash of Orange Juice--We like the tartness.
2 cups of Frozen Berries--No need to add ice if you use frozen fruit.
2 scoops of protein powder--I used Carrie Burrows Vanilla

Bananas ready for smoothies.

Frozen Berries--I bought Store Brand.

Added 2 scoops of Carrie Burrows Vanilla Protein Powder.
**What's your favorite Healthy Snack for your kids??

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