Monday, June 16, 2014

Alabaster Cityfest 5K Recap and KatieK Active Review!

12th Annual Alabaster Cityfest
      Last weekend I ran the 12th Annual Alabaster Cityfest 5k. A friend of mine, Gina McDonald from The Biggest Loser, was putting this together so I was ever so happy to go support her! After the race, there's a huge Music Festival featuring Country Music artist Rodney Atkins. I was not able to attend the festival but had a ton of fun at the 5k!
My pal Gina. :)
Found one of my best running buds!

     The race was not a super huge event but it was a really smooth 5k. The weather was typical Alabama weather. It started out kinda hazy and overcast that morning but by 8:00am, the sun popped out and it was getting HOT. High 80's. Gonna need some serious hydration after it's over. The race started in Warrior Park parking lot, we ran through a local neighborhood and then finished back up in the same parking lot. Good flat course.
Finish Line Alabaster Cityfest 5k
Alabaster Cityfest 5k sponsored by Powerade

     Trak Shak was the local timing sponsor, COLD Powerade and Water provided by Coca cola and Quest Nutrition bars and Bananas at the Finish Line waiting for us! I've eaten those before but I was able to try a new flavor (Mixed Berry Bliss)...YUM.
Quest Nutrition Mixed Berry Protein Bar
A closer look at my Quest Mixed Berries Bar...Look at all those berries!

    I managed to grab second place in my age group. I'm in the 40-45 age bracket so I'll take a medal any day! Running at a 9:15 pace is pushing it for me...I like to run comfortable BUT if I see the bling on the line, I will gun it. Not to mention some chick gave me that "pre-race challenge look" before the race started. I took her down. #DontMessWithThisMom.  Lol!
2nd Place in my Age Group! #OldLadiesRock

    I also got to chat with Paul DeMarco (running for Alabama Congress) after the race was over. I love that our local politicians are active in our community. He's got my vote!
Ran with Future Bama Congressman, Paul DeMarco.

    Today was the first day that I ran wearing my new KatieK Active tank. I gotta say that I really liked it! The fit was form flattering. #ThankYouKatie.  I'm so excited to be working with this new line of fitness apparel for women. (size 3 to 3XL).  Use KRISTIN15 to save 15% off of your purchase and FREE shipping!! More to come on these clothes, discounts and maybe even a giveaway. :)
Love my new KatieK Active Tank!
     This weekend, I'm getting a 6 mile training run in with the hubs but I've got another local 5k on the calendar in July. This one is a retro funky one so I'm going to get my 80's valley girl running groove on. ;)

Happy Running and Happy Summer.

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