Friday, June 20, 2014

Multiple runDisney Trip Planning in Progress! Friday Favorite.

Finish Line of Disney's Princess Half Marathon
     I spent the majority of my day yesterday working on details for my upcoming runDisney events. I was making dining reservations, looking at different hotel options (thinking I might stay off property for one or two of my weekends), booking flights and just trying to figure out how the heck I'm going to pay for it all!

     I was talking with friends that I'm going with and helping others plan trips that are non-running related too. That's always fun. I love sharing my experiences with first-timers. Really, is there anything better than being able to spread my Walt Disney World knowledge with the rest of the world?!? I just don't think so. 

     So all in all I'm booked now for Tower 10 Miler Weekend (Registration and Room booked and paid for, Yippee!), Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend (no room booked but registration paid for), and Princess Half Marathon. (I'm only running the half this year, so not sure about my room details just yet. Waiting to hear from my roomies how long they are staying etc.) Lots of details, lots of planning, lots of running and lots of friends!!!

     So as I was in the middle of my planning session yesterday, I was showing my friend who has never ran a runDisney event lots of my family trip pics as well as running pics and I ran across this one. This is a retro pic for sure! Check out the timing chip on my shoe. Also, I'm pretty sure that this was the 2nd Annual Princess Half Marathon so there were just a few less runners in the race. I love that it's pretty much just me and the mice! How cool is that?? Gaaaaaaah! Just when I think I'm not sure how I'm going to manage it all, I remember just how fun these events are. So many memories that I can't begin to put into one yeah, I gotta get busy figuring out the rest of my deets. 

     Another thing that I was really looking into yesterday was running for charity. There are a few spots left for some of the upcoming events, but I have a charity in mind that's been tugging on me for years to run for but there are no spots in the races that are open now. I do want to run for charity but I want it to be for the right reasons and not just to squeeze myself into a sold out event. So for now, that's on hold but 2015 may be the year for that! I'm not ruling it out, just needing clarity on that before I make a quick decision that doesn't mean anything.

     Anyways, I'm glad I ran across this picture, I've got a couple of cute Disney frames that I've bought on trips that need pics in them. I think I've found my favorite one. :)

Happy Running and See you at the Castle!

**Are you in the middle of currently planning a trip to Walt Disney World?

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