Monday, December 30, 2019

FitFones for the WIN!

FitFones in Glacier Grey.
      I am super excited to try out my new FitFones!!  This is a "smart headband" that is completely waterproof, blue tooth compatible and are very user friendly.  As of right now, this headband comes in two colors, Optic Yellow and Glacier Grey. I chose the grey because I felt like it would match more of my running clothes. However, since I have tried them out and logged a few miles wearing them, I'm realizing that I want the Optic Yellow as well!


 Each headband comes with a wireless charging pad and a USB cord.  At first, I tried to figure out how to charge the headband on the headband and then I realized just how simple it was! Lay it on the charging pad and go! FitFones are designed to be simple and to let the user connect and control the headphones from their Bluetooth device. I used my iPhone....

     On my first trial run, I adjusted my headband with the speakers directly over my ears. I covered my ears and ran for a bit that way. Then, I raised the headband above my ears and could still hear the music clearly!

From the FitFones website:
"One size fits all, fully adjustable headphones; simply slide over your ears and go. 

With over 12 hours of play time FitFones will keep you moving through your workout.

FitFones are completely wireless incorporating Bluetooth® 4.2 connectivity. Sync up to any Bluetooth enabled device including iPhone, Android, Samsung, Peloton, Apple Watch, and more.

FitFones inductive charging technology allows you to quickly and easily get charged up. Simply rest your FitFones on the included charge pad at the indicated area.
I tested out FitFones wearing my reading glasses on my treadmill in my garage. It gave me a good idea of what running with sunglasses and my headband would feel like!!
Our patented technology is completely waterproof. Sweat as much as you need and our wicking material will pull sweat away from your skin. 

Keep it fresh and wash your FitFones just like a regular headband.

Overall, I'm completely in love with my new FitFones! I think these are going to be a staple in my gym bag from now on! Stay tuned here and to my Instagram account for a giveaway coming soon! Grab yours at

Rain or shine, run with freedom! Thank you FitFones for allowing my review your headphones and making them a part of my daily running routine!

Happy Running and Happy FitFones!!


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