Sunday, June 11, 2017

Acountability...check! #ChicagoMarathon #DopeyChallenge #WeekOne

So...Week #1? How did I do?

My first week of Chicago Marathon Training called for:

45 minutes cross training/run
45 minutes cross training/run
3 mile run
Tallulah Half Marathon 13.1 mile run

The training that I did....

30 Min Spin Class
45 min YCross Class
1 hour Bootcamp class
3 mile run
45 minute YCross class
4 mile run
45 minute YCross class
1 hour Bootcamp class
13.1 mile run

I got in all of the mileage and then some...

I started the week off doing what I do...I teach several fitness classes each week. I only listed the ones above that I actually did with my class. The others throughout the week, I played drill sergeant and just took a step back and watched and coached and yelled. LOL.

On Wednesday, I celebrated Global Running Day with one of my best gal pals...we ran a super easy 3 miles, chatting the whole way.

On Thursday, I stopped in to Vida Flo Birmingham and received a pre-Half Marathon IV Hydration Therapy Treatment. My one liter bag contained lots of B Vitamins, Glutathione and I'm really glad that I did...I had a great race on Saturday aside from one little injury the night before.

Injury update: Someone dropped a folding table onto my big toe Friday night and my toe is badly bruised to say the least. I won't even entertain the fact that is could be broken. Nope. Not happening. I ran on it and it hurrrrrrrt like a mother. But I finished my race. I'm going with the diagnosis of badly bruised and we are just going to leave it at that. I taught a class today and wanted to chop my toe off it hurt so bad but other than that, I'm good. ugh.

Tuesday and Thursday evenings, I have started my Backyard Bootcamp up again. It has felt really good to get outside and sweat it out! These are two of my favorite hours of my whole week....Love my girlfriend time!

Last but not least I ran the Tallulah Half Marathon in Jasper, Al. on Saturday. It was a hot and hilly race and I ran it nice and slow...I felt great afterwards. I had a full night with friends planned so I was glad to run the race and then move on to the rest of my weekend! I quietly celebrated the fact that it was my 50th Half Marathon. I'm pretty proud of that accomplishment and I didn't want to make a big deal about it to anyone....Lately, I don't want to share too much on social media for personal reasons but I will say that I treated myself to a "good job, girlie" prize for myself. :))))

Overall, I had a really good first training week and I'm also glad that I made the decision to hold myself accountable to track my runs/workouts.

Happy Running, Happy Training and Happy #WeekTwo!

3 Miles for Global Running Day.

Vida-Flo IV Hydration Therapy Treatment

Backyard Bootcamp

My Purple Toe

Tallulah Half Marathon

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