Tuesday, August 18, 2015

If I can do it, YOU can too! #WorkHard

Disclaimer: This post is meant to be a celebration of being healthy and in shape. In No Way am I writing anything negatively towards anyone battling weight issues. Please know that in advance. :)

I wasn't sure if I EVER wanted to post pregnancy pics on my blog but if you are my friend on Facebook, they are there....so why not?!?

Well. I'll tell you why not. BECAUSE THEY ARE AWFUL!!!!! Well okay. They are not awful. I was pregnant.....but still. I don't want to be THAT heavy again. I want to be Healthy. I am very THANKFUL for these pictures though. 

I weighed 204 pounds. 

Here's' the scoop.....make it a double scoop. See what I did there?! ;)

I've never thought that I had a real weight loss story before. I workout. I run. I teach group exercise classes. I personal train. I run a Bootcamp. I motivate. I encourage. 

But seriously, I like to do ALL of those things. I like to be fit. I like to be healthy. Not gonna lie....I like to wear cute jeans. ;) 

So when people ask me....."so what's your story?" I just kinda have a weird look on my face. 

I just always considered myself to fairly consistent when it came to my weight. 

HOWEVER, let me present this lovely little jewel of a pic! This pic came from the morning when I delivered  my first baby. I weighed in at a whopping 204lbs (almost 90lbs heavier than when I got pregnant). So I guess reality really needs to set in. Gaining 90lbs and eating like a maniac is NOT NORMAL. I think I ate McDonald's everyday for the first three months straight. #QuarterPounderWithCheeseIsMyWeakness. Mid-Pregnancy, My Doctor told me..."at this point, there's nothing I can do to make you quit eating, you look like you are enjoying every bite". #OUCH

Truth hurts. 

Going from a size 2 to wearing maternity clothes waaaaaaay after I delivered my babies is NOT CONSISTENT. Looking back on it. I was delusional, overweight and completely out of shape!!!

I have never beat myself up about it though. No need to do that. I gave birth to three beautiful, healthy babies and there is no amount of "skinny" would I ever trade for that. 

My goal post-pregnancy was to be skinny! Boy oh boy, did I do that!!! I drank Slim-Fast, dropped all of the weight. And then some. I also ended up in the emergency room because I had not eaten in weeks, had not slept and was completely dehydrated.....so stupid. But I was skinny. Yay me. 

Fast forward 5 years....l was turning 35. My last baby was going to kindergarten. I had not exercised one bit. I decided to run a 5k  on my 35th birthday. The rest is Bamagirlruns history! 

I've managed to keep the weight down, have made exercise a daily priority, work in the fitness industry,  kicked the sugar habit and am proud of all of the goals that I have achieved!! I'm not super skinny anymore. And don't want to be. I weigh in now around 138....140 if I eaten a few extra pieces of pizza! #NoShameInMyTruthGame

Now my main goals are to stay healthy and keep my kiddos active...I think I'm doing a pretty good job. ;)

So there ya have it...that's my story and I'm sticking to it! No quick fix, no crazy diets..just hard work, CONSISTENCY, and lots of miles logged. :))))

Happy running, happy exercising and Happy Transformation Tuesday...lIf I can do it, YOU can too! Work Hard!! 

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