Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Try Not to Judge Please #ILoveMyBusy

What you might see me post online may seem like my life is simply beautiful and full of nothing but goodness.  And most days it is.....but when you have someone (who doesn't know you at all) say that "all you do is leave". 

HERE WE GO. Get to know me a're a little bit on my nerves. 

There's a lot that goes on behind my scenes. 

You are right. I do make time for ME and I don't apologize for that. 

Here's an example: 

It's almost 3:30pm, I worked out hard today. One hour of CrossFit and 3.1 on the treadmill after I got my kiddos off to school and I'm JUST NOW making a quick sandwich with the end pieces because I forgot that we are out of bread. Terrible. Just terrible. 

Please don't follow my example on this one.... Most days I try to eat and recover after a good workout but today was not the case. I was headed home after my a text from my Mom. Had to run by and see her at work, I was supposed to stop by a printing company for a 5k that I'm working on. That didn't happen. The guy was gone to lunch. I missed him.  I'll go tomorrow.  I volunteered to bring dinner for a lady at church who is fighting cancer....I gotta get to the store. 

Meanwhile my hubs calls..."Hey Gramma wants you to take her to get her nails and hair done."


One of my kids left their track clothes at home. Go to the school. Detour again. 

Pick up my Gramma,  go grocery shopping for the church dinner. Keep in mind that I'm not cooking dinner for my own family....we will grab leftovers at home. Take her to hair appointment. I run over to the tanning bed. That's right. I laid there IN SILENCE for 15 minutes. Go back and pick her up. 

Get home and start cooking the church needs to be delivered by 5pm. Inhale a sandwich, I'm jumping in the shower, gotta go run and pick up my girls by 5 too. Conflict of time! 

I have to hurry. My Gramma's Physical Therapist will be stopping by 4:00. 

My boy has a Basketball tournament tonight. We need to eat dinner and have homework done by 6:00. At the latest, 6:15. 

Hey, this is kinda my day everyday....BUSY. Family of 6. 

So when my hubs calls and says, "How could you forget to this? How could you forget to do that?" He's a crazy person so I tune him completely out. I mean like, I REALLY TUNE THAT NONSENSE OUT. 

Goooooood grief!!! I'm doing good to keep my head on straight and chug down as much coffee as I can. 

But guess who is not complaining?!?? Ummmm. That would be me.

I'm glad that I was home to get my kids off to school. I'm glad that I got to see my Mom. I was texting my sis while I waited for my Gramma. That nice lady at Church will have a home cooked meal....her life is terribly different than mine right now. I chatted with my Bestie on the phone on my way home from my workout. I listened to my girls go nuts about how sore they are after track practice. I have a good tan going on. I get to see my boy tear it up tonight on the Basketball court. My Gramma looks fabulous. And yeah, I'm still a little hungry but I'll throw a protein bar in my purse and will be just fine. I'm typing this while I'm drinking a cup of coffee and most likely will Instagram something ridiculous. 

Here's to being busy and yes, here's to getting ready to leave to go on another race trip. I am the most "here" person that I know...So please try not to judge and always try to make time for a good lunch. :) 

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