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Seven Reasons Why I Would Run All Of The January 2015 #runDisney Races

runDisney's newest Race Announcement!
New Star Wars Half Marathon coming to Disneyland
Disclaimer: This is a Dreamer's Post! #DreamBig

    Over the last few weeks, the running community has been all a buzz with exciting new announcements coming from runDisney.  I have talked with so many friends about each of these races, what we would run and what we would not run and WHY!! I was really surprised at some of the reasons as to why people would not run. some were good and some were not so good. For the not so good, I won't go there... I like happy posts. :)

     Although I agree with most people, running has become insanely popular and the costs of races just keeps going up. I paid a very hefty amount of cash to go run the Chicago Marathon in October. So yeah, I'm broke! And now that my hubby thinks he wants to be a runner also, I paid double that hefty amount! Double yikes and double broke! 

     So here's the thing...I'm not a very high maintenance girl. I don't get my nails done (unless I have a gift card---which is rare), I dye my own hair ($3.97 from the box---thank you Lady Clairol), I'm not a shopper, and I don't like to eat out (most of restaurant food is nutritional garbage and overpriced anyways). Running is my thing. I register for my races and I buy cute skirts and good shoes. What's wrong with that?!? nothing. Everyone needs their 'thing'. 

    Last year, instead of flowers that will die and a very expensive dinner that we would have to wait hours for on Mother's Day, my hubby and kids bought me a registration to Disney's Tower of Terrror 10 Miler weekend. I love my people and they love me. They knew exactly what I would cherish most! And to this day, I still think of how thoughtful and unexpected that was.

     With all of that being said, I realize that with the rising costs of racing and the running sport in general, I am not able to "Run All of the Races" (A phrase commonly used among runDisney enthusiasts). Booooo Hooooo. Believe me, If I Could, I totally would!

     Back to the runDisney subject...there are eight races being offered by runDisney to kick off 2015. That's pretty incredible if you ask me! You go, runDisney! You are rocking your #runDisneySide! 

     If money were not the issue and I could have all things go my way, please allow me to dream for just a moment.   In honor of the seventh (and my favorite) dwarf, here are seven reasons why I would go run all eight runDisney races in January 2015! 

1.  I would run all eight races because I CAN. I encounter people and pray for people that are battling all types of things in their lives. Not just physical problems but emotional and mental struggles as well. I thank GOD everyday that I am blessed with the physical abilities as well as the motivation to be active and posess the endurance to pull off seven races. I know I could do it. All 74.1 Magical Miles!! ---"If you can dream it, you can do it". 

2.  I would run all eight races because if I calculated the numbers correctly, there are 13 potential medals to be earned!!! Yes, I just said 13!!!!! The runDisney bling is pretty sweet too! 

Here's the breakdown:

Marathon Weekend Medals-6 Medals 
5k, 10k, Half-Marathon, Full Marathon, Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge (Completing half and full marathon), Dopey Challenge (Completing all four races-48.6 miles)

Castaway Challenge-2 Medals 
Castaway Cay 5k, Castaway Challenge (completion of any race during Marathon weekend also)

Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend-5 Medals 
5k, 10k, Half Marathon, Star Wars Rebel Challenge (completion of 10k & Half Marathon),  Coast to Coast (Completed Half Marathon or Full Marathon during Marathon Weekend). 

And don't forget these guys... They need a new friend with bling! ;)
runDisney and ESPN Wide World of Sports Collectible Vinylmations

3.  I would run all eight races because I typically don't eat out but the food would be DELISH for those days on vacation. :) #TimeToPigOut 

4.  I would run all eight races because seven Disney races would just not be enough. :)

5.  I would run all eight races because who wouldn't want to go run 48.6 miles at Walt Disney World , go chill out for a few on a Disney Cruise, run 3.1 recovery miles on Castaway Cay and then go to Disneyland to run 22.4 more. Come on!!! That's the ultimate Disney Lover's DREAM!!! I'm in!

2009 Disneyland Half Marathon
6.  I would run all eight races because seven fabulous new running outfits. Throw in eight new pairs of running shoes since I'm dreaming and all! Just sayin'. 

2014 Limited Edition runDisney NewBalance Shoes
7.  I would run all eight races because the amounts of friends that I would see and meet up with during that time would be priceless! I love my RunDisney runner friends and wish I could see them more often. We are all over the country...they are the BEST!!! #runDisneyTakesOverUSA
Love my friends!

     So there ya have it. In my dream world, I'm there. All eight races, all 13 medals! 

      In reality, unless I am sponsored by a very generous multiple race-loving company (again, dream world), I am registered for DopeyChallenge again and I couldn't be happier...can't wait to follow along with all of my other friends from home. This Bama girl is chEARing you on!!! Go get that bling and post lots of pics... You too on the ship, upgrade to Wifi for the people at home. ;) 

**will you be running any of the eight runDisney races in January 2015? If so, which ones??

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