Sunday, May 4, 2014

Chicago Marathon Training Starts Today!

We're In!
     A couple of weeks ago, I found out that my hubby and I were BOTH accepted into the Bank of America Chicago Marathon!! I was over the moon excited, especially since I had just been rejected by the New York City Marathon. You can read my hissy fit post about that here. I'll admit. I was a crybaby. The worst.

     Okay. Moving on...Back to Chicago Marathon news.

     My hubby is NOT a runner at all but he wants to do this..keep in mind that there's a hefty bet on the table by his boss that he won't do it. We're a pretty competitive bunch at my house and all we need is for someone to tell us that we can't do something and Boom. GAME ON.

     The only problem: I have tried to run with him before and we both have our ways. He's a Coach and I'm un-coachable. Lol. Looks like we are going to have a LONG road ahead of us. I'm willing to give it a try but I can't say that we will train every step of the way together. ;)

     So here we go. Training is about to in starts today. I knew that I had to get past Country Music Marathon and rest up for about a week and then I would be ready to hit it hard. Because my husband is not a runner, we are semi starting from scratch.  He's been running for a few weeks now and is up to about 2.5 miles. I'm going to push him today to make it to 3.5. I think he can do it.

     I'm going with the Hal Higdon 10K and Marathon Training Plan...We are doing the last 6 weeks of the 10k program and then the 18 weeks of the Marathon program.  I really don't have that many races scheduled right now so that will be fun to add in some to fit in to my schedule.

     Here is my Tweaked Combination of the Two training schedules:

Week   Tues       Wed           Thurs      Sun                    
4/28                                      3.5 miles          
5/5     2.5miles   35min run    2miles      4 miles                
5/12    3 miles     35min run   2miles     4 miles                 
5/19    3 miles     40min run   2miles     4.5 miles              
5/26    3 miles     40min run   2miles     5 miles                 
6/2      3 miles     45min run   2miles     5.5 miles              
6/9      3 miles     30min run   2miles     10k race(6.2miles)
6/16    3 miles      3 miles       3 miles    7 miles                
6/23    3 miles      4 miles       3 miles    5 miles                
6/30    3 miles      4 miles       3 miles    9 miles                
7/7      3 miles      5 miles       3 miles    10 miles              
7/14    3 miles      5 miles       3 miles    7 miles                
7/21    3 miles      6 miles       3 miles    12 miles              
7/28    3 miles      6 miles       3 miles   1/2 Marathon (13.1 miles)
8/4      3 miles      7 miles       4 miles    10 miles              
8/11    3 miles      7 miles       4 miles    15 miles              
8/18    4 miles      8 miles       4 miles    16 miles              
8/25    4 miles      8 miles       5 miles    12 miles              
9/1      4 miles      9 miles       5 miles    18 miles              
9/8      5 miles      9 miles       5 miles    Talladega Half 13.1
9/15    5 miles     10 miles      5 miles     20 miles              
9/22    5 miles      8 miles       4 miles     12 miles             
9/29    4 miles      6 miles       3 miles     Tower of Terror
10/6    3 miles      4 miles       2 miles    Chicago Marathon (26.2)

Wish us luck as we try to accomplish this together! Our goal is to finish under 5 hours. I'm believing that we can do it!!

Happy Running and lots of fun training posts to come!

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