Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Bling! New Races! Double the Fun!!!

Seriously. NOTHING better than the feeling after finishing a Disney Half Marathon!!!
Well..maybe jumping into the Disneyland Hotel pool in your race clothes!!! :)
Jumping in...
     OH YES WE DID!!!!!!! Me and my sis totally jumped in the pool at the Disneyland Hotel in our race clothes (bibs and all) after the we finished the 2009 Disneyland Half. Yep. It was THAT much fun!!  RunDisney released their new 2013 Dumbo Double Dare Challenge Medals on their blog yesterday which REALLY got me wanting to run this race again!! I thought the course was excellent, taking you through Disneyland, onto the streets of Anaheim, through Anaheim Angels Stadium and then back through Disney's California Adventure with the Finish Line just outside of the Disneyland Hotel and Downtown Disney!!
Inaugural Dumbo Double Dare, Disneyland Half Marathon, Inaugural Disneyland 10, and Disneyland 5k Medals
(Photo courtesy of
     The medals are BEAUTIFUL and include the Inaugural Double Dare (Completing the 10k and the Half Marathon), the Disneyland Half Marathon, Inaugural Disneyland 10k, and the Disneyland Family Fun Run 5k.  I'm really really reeeeealllllly hoping to add this Dumbo Challenge weekend to race schedule soon and be able to earn a few of these new medals!!
     Of course if you run a Half Marathon or Full Marathon on the East Coast at Walt Disney World prior to the Disneyland Half Marathon, you will earn the Coast to Coast medal as well!! So on this particular weekend, you have the potential to earn FIVE RunDisney medals....aaaaaaaahhhhh!!! I love it!!
     Here are just a few more pics from the hundreds that I took during the race with my sis as we ran the Disneyland Half and earned our very first Coast to Coast Medals!! Check out my sister's blogpost with a few of her pics too!

 We've waited all of our life to make it to Disneyland and we get to run through it....THE BEST!!!
In front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle!

Mad Hatter and Alice!
 "Mapping Out New Adventure For You"...Loved all of the quotes on the refurbishments going
on at Disney's California Adventure
 "Just A Dream Away"
Disney's California Adventure...."Welcome to Mickey's Fun Wheel"!
Disneyland Half Finishers....YES!!!!
 Love all of the Disneyland Half Bling
We have earned our very first Coast to Coast Medals....Yay!!!

In the Hot tub with our race clothes still on...LOL.
 **Make sure to check out to get all of the information on how to register for these fun events. The 2013 Disneyland Half Marathon weekend races sold out in less than an hour so make sure to register as soon as they go on sale!!!  Happy running and hope to see YOU at one of the Castles!!

Still Open for Registration:
2013 Tower of Terror 10Miler
2013 Wine and Dine Half Marathon

2014 Princess Half Marathon Weekend including the new Glass Slipper Challenge Registration opens on June 11th!!

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