Saturday, May 4, 2013

May the 4th Be With You!

 My sweet little Jedi! 
     One of the most exciting things that my Justin has EVER done was attend the "Jedi Training Academy"at Disney's Hollywood Studios!! He's a huge Star Wars nut and this was one of the "Must-do" things that we knew we had to do on our vacation. The first day we went to Hollywood Studios, we missed out on the sign-ups because we went straight to Toy Story Mania and all of the time slots were filled by the time we walked over to Star Tours. My little man was devastated!! Bad Mom. :( So the next morning, I headed right back over to Hollywood Studios and made a mad-dash to Star Tours to get him registered...registration is first come, first serve and the slots fill up FAST!!! Whew! He was in. I had redeemed my "Mom Coolness". We had to come back at 4:45pm. to watch this little Jedi in action!

 Waiting to get "robed" up!
The stage is set and ready for the little Jedis.
 He was SO excited about the hood!
 All robed up and ready to train! 
The Jedis in their spots receiving instructions from the Jedi Master.
He's got his light saber and is ready to use it!
 Uh oh. Here comes Darth Vader!
He's one big scary dude...
 My boy is up to battle!
Justin vs. Darth.....Probably one of greatest moments of Justin's life happening right now!
 The Battle continues....
May the Force Be With You, Justin...Now GO!
The Storm Troopers were very comical during the show...
 All of the little Jedis were getting their congratulations that their Jedi training was complete!
A wave to the crowd from the new Jedis!
My boy came flying off of the stage to show me his certificate!!! Proud Mom. :)
 Serious business about his certificate.
And of course he battled Darth Vader in his RunDisney Halloween 5k Tshirt. ;)
 Yep. This will be framed in his room.
His Paw Paw went straight to the gift shop and bought him a new light saber. They wouldn't let him keep the one that he battled Darth Vader with, but we thought that he totally earned one! 

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