Monday, September 10, 2012

The Color Run comes to town!

Me in Color!
#thosealabamgirls Atlanta
How excited was I after running The Color Run in Atlanta to find out that it was coming to my hometown! #thosealabamagirls could not wait!!!
 My kiddos all in white
At the beginning of this race they ask you to wear all white and then throughout the run they COVER you with color! It was really fun than I could handle! And so I registered for the Birmingham Color Run the day the registration opened!
 My Alyssa. :)
 Fun with each of my kids
 Me, B and Diane colored!
My kiddos ran this one too which fun watching them become an absolute mess! Again, we started out "white" but it was flooding that day and we quickly became a soaking soppy disaster... Soooo fun! #thosealabamagirls all showed up (most of us with our kids) and of course took lots of pics! ;)

More gal pals before the run
This is a race where there is no time clock, no chip times, no mile markers..only fun! The vibe is fantastic, loud and colorful, rain or shine! We will definitely put The Color Run on our list of "Must Do" local 5ks every year!
Now it's time to go and get cleaned up. Maybe... :)

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