Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Updates, Apologies and a little Mike Tyson Action.

     What a difference a day can make! Seriously, I posted on my blog yesterday all about my bad week yesterday and the outpouring concerns and just overall support from friends IRL and online was just overwhelming. Thank you to those who reached out to me. I'm one very lucky and blessed gal and I know that.  I'm not one to dwell on the bad times in life so I needed that major pick me up. :) 

     I woke up super early this morning and for those that know me well, you also KNOW that I am NOT a morning person. I run long miles at night. I rarely go to bed before midnight and do most of my "deep  thinking" late at night. I should go get a night job....it's when I operate the best. 

     I decided that I would hit the gym before my fam got moving. Like before 5am early. I wanted a re-do on last week and I was NOT going to start out one more day harboring any negativity.  And that's just what I did. I ran three miles like a champ, went grocery shopping before 6am, went home, woke my kiddos up, made breakfast, packed lunches, zipped them all off to school and then took care of the usual errand/Mom stuff. There was nothing particularly spectacular or out of the ordinary about my day but nothing bad either so I was #WINNING. It's just amazing what a clear head and positive attitude can do for you. 

      I mentioned a few things in my last post that may have raised an eyebrow or two. I apologize to anyone who thinks that I have directed anything negative toward them. I can assure you that I did not! Frustrations can run high and frustrations can also be manipulated.  The World Wide Web is a very large world and I'm not the only person who lives there. :) 

     Thank you again to those who reached out to me about those issues as well. I spent some time cleaning up some of my social media accounts this week unfollowing accounts belonging to people/companies who I just don't connect with. I'm not really sure why I feel the need to apologize for that but I don't want to come across as rude. I'm sure there are people who do not like to see my posts about Alabama Football, running, Disney or things that I just personally think are funny. It's OKAY. That's the beauty of social media. Unfollow if you don't like it or hang around for a bit and let's be friends. It doesn't mean that you are a horrible person if you unfollow. I don't feel that way anyways. :) 
Sorry. But this just made me laugh. 

     As far as the rest of the week, I go back for part two of my root canal tomorrow so that should be just lovely. Other than that, I plan on running a lot, getting a few workouts in and I'm a running a Half Marathon Sunday that I'm praying I'm not frozen solid at the start! #StayAwayElsa

     Happy Running and Happy Attitudes :) 



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