Tuesday, March 4, 2014

runDisney Finish to Start...Photo Hightlights of Walt Disney World 10K

Last scene of the night...the Double Buses! Crazy Long.

Ended the night in Magic Kingdom, watched Wishes Nighttime Spectacular
and just enjoyed walking around! Gotta stay loose!
Medal pic with B, Duffy, Diane and Grandmary!

Standing in line to see Duffy the Bear and had to take this pic...Gorgeous!!
 When I say the words..."The magical apple does not fall far from the tree."  I'm NOT kidding.
This is my Mom next to a sleeping man just outside of Via Napoli. BEST.

My DELICIOUS post-race pizza from Via Napoli

 Sunset over World Showcase.

Favorite time of the day to be at Epcot...late afternoon!

So this is one of my favorite pics of the entire weekend...Me, Mickey, Grandmary and B!
Walking in front of Magic Kingdom, Headed to the Polynesian and took this photo! Beautiful!

Polka-Dot Mouse Ear Twinsies. ;)
The one and only fabulous MojoDisney.

Met up with a big-time Instagrammer Friend, Dan!
We had fun catching up and chatting all things Disney!

Ran into HalfCrazyMama (Emelia) today and yesterday during the 5k.
However, we were having technical difficulty with the purple case and all so we grabbed another pic after the 10k!
We still took FOREVER to take this picture but....We Got It!!
Hey Look! It's Patrick..aka @whatthe5k on twitter....always good to see him!

Minnie 10K Finishers! Grandmary, Dellain, Diane and Leigh!!

Selfie with the sis, aka iplandisney!

I love my Leigh Marsh!!!
Yay!! Got the bling!!
Super proud of my sis..she's had all kinds of issues over the last year
and was able to run today...I have missed her lots!!!
Finish Line Photo with my Mom...and Background People!!
This guy doesn't look like he feels good. 
Oh my. I don't know what has happened to him.
I really wish I would have seen all of this going on behind me. lol.
Meanwhile, I'm still posing for my medal pic. lol. lol.
Found Diane at the Finish!
Family Reunion Area.
My pic is blurry but you get the idea...
Oh Marathonfoto, I think this pic is calling my name!
Carrie...chomping on that Minnie Medal!
This way to the 10K Finishers Pics!
Powerade, Dasani, Powerade...oh my!!

Hey! That's my bib and my new bling!!

How gorgeous are all of these Inaugural Walt Disney World 10K medals??
Hey girl. Whatcha' eating??

Finish Line Selfie with my girl Carrie!
Chip n' Dale hanging out near the Imagination Pavillion at Epcot!
Seen on my run...Disney's Boardwalk Resort. Beautiful!

Loved seeing "Football Goofy" on the course!

Carrie and Brittney with this guy!
Not sure which mile we picked up Dave but we were certainly glad we did!
Love that crazy boy.
And of course I see Kimberly on the course...
never see her at home in Bama but hardly ever come to WDW when i don't see her. lol.
Serious Posing going on right here.
Hey look! We found Erin from LoveDisneyRunning.blogspot.com!

Quality entertainment happening on the course.
I'm talking about me, not him. Ha!
Now THIS is a crew!! 
Jason from DisEnvy volunteering at the mile one waterstop!
 Had to stop for a pic with my friend. :)
Inaugural Walt Disney World 10K Start Line!
3.1 Miles down...45.5 more to go! Let's do this!!

Pre-Race with Mary Jo!
Starting this race with Grandmary and B!
I couldn't imagine being there without them.

Ready to run with my Bama girls Grandmary, B, Leigh, Diane and Dellain!

2nd Day in...found Lori and we are ready to run!

One of the first people that I ran into on the morning of the 10k was MikeandtheMouse.com....Love running into my runDisney buds and chatting all things Disney! :)

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