Saturday, July 6, 2013

Dopey Challenge Training Update

Week one of Dopey Challenge Training is in the books!
This was my schedule for the week 1:
7/2  Tuesday--30-45 Minutes
7/4  Thursday--30-45 Minutes
7/6   Saturday--3 Miles

I have decided to run most of this training schedule and not walk so I was not sure how to handle the first two runs. I've never trained with such a broad time frame.  30-45 minutes...what's that all about?!?! I'm used to running the exact mileage that my plans call for so this was a little weird. But...change is always good and I welcome it.

So I ran 30 minutes. Exactly 30 minutes. Still not good with a range but I'll get there. This led me to wondering how far I had gone in 30 minutes...I ran these runs on the treadmill and they were both around the 3.2 mark. Not too bad. I'm a "tracker" by nature and like to keep up with these things.

If I did the math right and count each 30-45 minute run as a minimum of 3 miles, then I will run at least  435 miles training for DopeyChallenge. That is really unbelieveable to me!! 435 miles. Woah. 

Week one wasn't so bad... Bring on week two! :)

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Happy Training...See you at the Castle!

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