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runDisney #HappyHaunted5k

 Grabbed a quick pic with Scarecrow Mickey before the start of the race!
     My very first runDisney event was the Circle of Life 5k in 2009 at Disney's Animal Kingdom and since that day the 5k races have held a special place in my heart! I'm a total fan of the 5k's and always attach these events to the longer races.
     Last year I ran the Disney Happy Haunted 5K Trail Run! This 5k was on the same morning as the Inaugural Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror 10-Miler. I registered for the 5k and the 10Miler and was really excited to run these both on the same day. I had done this type of  challenge before so I was not a stranger to running multiple races on the same day.....and I loved it!!
     There were just too many reasons why I wanted to run this race. First, I love Halloween and Second, I was particularly excited to be able to run at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. I like this venue. It's so spacious, has ample amounts of parking, can accommodate thousands of people easily and it's gorgeous!!!
     As with any race, there are pros and cons to "change" according to runners. Don't forget that in the previous years, this Halloween themed 5k was held at Magic Kingdom and was not welcomed by many runners being moved to ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.  I had indeed ran the Halloween 5k the previous year at the Magic Kingdom so I was naturally curious to see how I would like the change in courses. 
 The Pros for me were:
1. It's a runDisney event. Enough said.
2. Non-timed 5k. Plenty of time to play around OR run hard if I want to!
3. New location=New course through the trails and woods.
4. Exploring other areas on Disney property besides the four Disney Parks
5. 5k during the morning and Tower 10Miler later that same night! Getting in lots of miles...13.1!

The Cons for me were:
1. Not sure if I will like running the new course.
2. Not running through the Disney Parks
3. Running through the trails and through the woods...rocky terrain??
4. Worried there would not be alot of characters out since we aren't running through the parks.
5.  I've ran so many races starting at Epcot that I know the drill. I didn't know the drill at WWOS.

Okay. So even with these Cons that I listed, none of them scared me enough to NOT register.

 In fact, I actually liked running on the trails. I'm not a trail runner AT ALL so this was a challenge...and I do love a good challenge! 

 Running through the woods were a little shaded so that's always good in the Florida sun! 

 There were not a ton of characters BUT we did run on the track at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex so I was totally cool with that!

     The "drill" was super easy at this venue. The corrals were easy to find, everything organized and plenty of space to hang out after the race with friends. I particularly liked the post race area...I never felt rushed to leave the race!

So here we go....I started the race with some of my best friends and had fun goofing off before the race. Since we were in Corral A, we moved up to the very front of the start line. Toe Line!! That's always fun to be the first ones out of the gate! I can't always keep up with the super speedy folks but I try. ;)
 Ready to Start the Happy Haunted 5K with Diane!
     Check out the fun video from runDisneytv about Disney's Happy Haunted 5k Trail Run and Kids Races! You may see a familiar face! ;)

Toe Line!
Start Line posing with the skeletons.
 We ran through an open field for just a bit and then headed of to the trails...
 Hi there from Mile One!
Found these guys hanging out in the trails. Big Hugs!
 Through the woods and headed to the track! I felt like an Olympian. Lol!
 Big Smiles at ESPN Wide World of Sports! I love running here!
 The GraveDiggers in the middle of the track.
The sun has decided to show up for the race too! It was hot and a great workout!! Bring on the Twilight Zone Tower 10 Miler later tonight!!
 Coming in for the!!!

 How cute is this medal?!?! 
Now THIS is alot of runDisney bling...aaaaahhhhh!
We took lots of pictures after the race was over with our medals, waited for other friends to cross the finish line and re-hydrated!!!!
What a GREAT Photo op!!
 Great view of Josten's Center at ESPN's Wide World of Sports. 
 Got my medal! Love running the Disney 5Ks!
 It's always more fun to run with friends who wear mouse ears. :)
 Fun day of running with my girls!
Finish Line area at WWOS.  See ya real soon!
     I really liked running the race at WWOS and have already registered for the 2013 Happy Haunted 5k Trail Run this October! I will also be running Disney's Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Miler later that night. I'm ready for a spooky weekend FULL of Disney running fun!!!
**For more information on other sporting events held at Disney's ESPN Wide World of Sports be sure to follow @DisneySports on Twitter and
**Registration is still open for the Disney Villains Hollywood Bash and Kids Races. Register here.

Happy Running and see you on the Happy Haunted Trails Real Soon!!

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