Monday, February 11, 2013

Here's to a Healthy Monday!

     It seems like most days we are moving along just fine at my house and then...WHAM! Everyone comes down with something. That's how we spent this weekend... My little man stayed home from school Friday complaining of headache, sore throat, fever.
Poor Baby home from school Friday morning. :(
 My middle one stayed awake all night Friday night with fever, coughing, wheezing and couldn't breathe. She's got asthma pretty bad.
Alyssa home from school and asleep on the couch for the night by 6:30pm! Yikes!
 So Saturday morning, instead of heading out for my usual run, I headed to the Dr's office with both kiddos. VERY thankful for a pediatrician a office with weekend hours. That's a must! My Justin missed his basketball game which he was NOT very happy about and reminded me over and over and over to make sure I knew that! 
Waiting to see the Dr....NOT happy about spending our Saturday this way.

 Her meds and nebulizer making nutty!

 When she said "Open wide"...He did. #RuleFollower
     Long story short: we've got two cases of strep, one ear infection, one Nebulizer treatment, two rx for antibiotics and one rx steroids. Whew!!! Ready for my kiddos to be back to normal... They are not good at "laying around". Neither am I! Here's to a Healthy Monday! :)

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