Tuesday, August 20, 2013

runDisney DopeyChallenge Training Plan Update

 Long run?? Oh my!
     So this week's long run that was supposed to be scheduled for Saturday got pushed back to MONDAY....uggh!!! I have had a super busy week (I knew it was going to be that way), But still doesn't change the fact that now I'm feeling a bit pressured to step it up a bit this week!!

     With a long run of 3 miles, It does ease my mind just a bit.  However, this week's long run is 9 miles. No pushing that back!! Must happen.

A quick recap of Week 7:
Monday:  3 Miles
Tuesday:  3 Miles 
The following Monday: 3 Miles...See what I mean??? I'm behind!!!

Okay Okay. So things are not as bad as they seem....Week 8, I'm coming for ya!

Week 8 
8/20 Tuesday--30-45 Minutes
8/22 Thursday--30-45 Minutes
8/24 Saturday--9 Miles

How's your training going??
See my full runDisney DopeyChallenge Training Schedule here.

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