Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bad Run? Get yourself together, girl!

 I was so aggravated I had to let it fly on twitter with the Hashtag #HotMess....oh my!!
      Ugh. I absolutely hate when I have an awful run. The first run of my runDisney Week 5 Dopey Challenge training run itself was terrible, just terrible. It was SO hot and humid outside that I felt like I was gonna lose it, In more ways than one. Most days I can handle it. Most days I can run in this Alabama humidity and be just fine...but for whatever reason, and maybe I'm just in need of some serious hydration, but Tuesday night's run really had me bummed out. My head was spinning, I felt weak and I was just not quite "right". These hot conditions are just not really safe and I was MAD.
 The Bama weather at 7pm....grrr.
     The good news is that today is a new day and I'm MORE bummed at the thought that I was seriously  letting one silly little run getting me down. I just can't have that. I'm only into week 5 of my Dopey Challenge training. Gooooood Grief. I've got at least 24 more weeks left so I'm gonna have to just move on. Really. JUST MOVE ON.
     So I'm taking it on again tonight....Same course, same temps, same humidity. Chin up. Happy face on. Let's do this!!!

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